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Number of DVDs: 6
DVD Number: N/A
Certification: N/A
Duration: 542 minutes


Join the popular Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and the beautiful Romana (Mary Tamm) on a 26-episode intergalactic treasure hunt for the six segments of all-powerful Key of Time.

The Ribos Operation (99 min)

The Doctor and Romana track the first-segment of the Key to a remote planet full of con artists, spies, and 32-year-long winters.

The Pirate Planet (101 min)

The Search for the Key’s second portion The Doctor and Romana to the well-heeled world of Zanak, where the inhabitants are blissfully unaware that space pirates are in charge.

The Stones of Blood (96 min)

The search for the third portion of the Key takes The Doctor and Romana to the English countryside and an ancient stone circle called The Nine Travelers.

The Androids of Tara (98 min)

Getting the fourth segment of the Key was the simplest part of the trip to Tara, which is a nice respite compared to the other planets they have encountered.

The Power of Kroll (91 min)

The fifth segment of the Key will be a muddy mess since it is hidden somewhere on the marshy moon of Delta Magna, where the indigenous Swampies worship a giant squid.

The Armageddon Factor (125 mins)

The last part of their quest brings The Doctor and Romana to Atrios, where they have to find the sixth segment of the Key before the world is destroyed.

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Tom Baker and Mary Tamm (The Ribos Operation)
  • Commentary by director Bernard Roberts and Bruce Purchase (The Pirate Planet)
  • Commentary by director Darrol Blake and Mary Tamm (The Stones of Blood)
  • Commentary by Tom Baker, Mary Tamm, and director Michael Hayes
  • Commentary by Tom Baker and John Leeson (The Power of Kroll)
  • Commentary by Michael Hayes & actor John Woodbine (The Armageddon Factor)
  • Isolated music soundtrack.
  • Production notes.
  • ‘Who’s Who’
  • Photo gallery.
  • Region 1 only

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