The Destroyer of Delights

The Destroyer of Delights
The Destroyer of Delights


Peter Davison (The Doctor), Ciara Janson (Amy), David Troughton (The Black Guardian), Jason Watkins (Legate of the Caliph), Jess Robinson (Nisrin), Bryan Pilkington (Prince Omar), Paul Chahidi (Hason), Will Barton (The Djinni), David Peart (The Vizier)


“You will be always looking in the wrong place. I have searched through all of Time and I cannot find it.”

The search for the Key to Time has stalled: the next segment does not appear to exist anywhere in the Universe. Forced into a temporary alliance with one of his greatest enemies, The Doctor suggests a course of action that is a validatedition of chaos itself.

Thrown at random across Space and Time, The Doctor and Amy arrive in 9th Century Sudan, where the greedy Lord Cassim is hoarding gold from theLegate of the Caliph. But why does Cassim look so familiar? What is the mysterious Djinni that lives out in the desert? And why does it need so much treasure?

Written by: Jonathan Clements
Directed by: Lisa Bowerman


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  • The Destroyer of Delights was the one hundred and eighteenth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. It was the second audio story of the Key 2 Time arc in the main range. It was the first story to feature the Black and White Guardians since 1983’s Enlightenment.
  • The Doctor refers to the events of Mawdryn Undead, where the Black Guardian made a deal with Turlough to kill him.
  • The Black Guardian’s associate, Djinni, uses a targeting lure, a jawaki, as the Black Guardian calls it, to try to destroy the White Guardian, Prince Omar and Amy. However, The Doctor realises that just as the Guardians’ powers are diminishing, so are his ideas. This is exactly the same tactic that Captain Wrack used to destroy competing ships in the race for Enlightenment. (Enlightenment) Both items used to accomplish this task are pieces of jewellery, here it is Amy’s necklace, while in Enlightenment, it is Tegan’s tiara.

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