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Lucy Gaskell


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Katherine “Kathy” Costello Wainright (née Nightingale) was the sister of Larry Nightingale and a friend of Sally Sparrow. She was born no later than 1988.

In 2007, she visited Wester Drumlins with Sally. There she was sent back in time to Hull on 5 December 1920 by a Weeping Angel. Stranded, she started a new life, married Ben Wainwright and they had two sons and a daughter, also named Sally.

In 1969, the Tenth Doctor, working from information given to him by Sally Sparrow, contacted Kathy and enlisted her aid in sending a message to Sally in 2007, although it was another eighteen years before she did so.

She died in 1987, shortly after writing a letter that her grandson, Malcolm Wainright, delivered to Sally Sparrow in 2007. Unlike Billy Shipton who, in order to fulfil his instructions, had to be given the date of his death, it appeared that Kathy wasn’t given this information, as her letter suggested the possibility that she might still be alive for a time after writing the letter.

Viewing Kathy’s tombstone in 2007, Sally saw that the birthdate on it would have made Kathy eighteen in 1920. This led Sally to humorously call her friend a “lying cow”, indicating that Kathy lied about her age when she reestablished her life in the 1920s.
The Weeping Angel consumed the potential energy from the time Kathy Nightingale would have spent in the present. (Blink)


Coincidentally, another individual, Julia Hardwick, was also known to have been transported back in time to Hull by the Weeping Angels. She arrived around 1887. Julia died in 1949. (A Ghost Story for Christmas)

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