Kathleen Dudman



Kathleen Dudman




The Curse of Fenric


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Kathleen Dudman, Ace’s maternal grandmother, worked as a radio operator at the British Army base at Maiden’s Point in 1943.
Kathleen was the single mother of Audrey. Her husband, Frank Dudman, was killed during World War II. She hid her baby in the base because she couldn’t find anyone to look after her. After Commander Millington discovered the baby, he fired her. Ace, not knowing her identity, struck up a friendship with her and became protective of her.

When the troops were mysteriously collecting and confiscating chess sets, Kathleen hid hers. She escaped the attack on the base by the Haemovores. Evacuating in a military vehicle, she was given an address by Ace to which to relocate. (The Curse of Fenric)

She died in 1973. Although Ace was only three at the time, she remembered that her mother Audrey cried for days afterwards. (Night Thoughts)

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