Kamelion Tales

Kamelion Tales


Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Number: BBCDVD2738
Certification: PG
Duration: 150 minutes
Release Date: 14 Jun. 2010


Kamelion Tales introduces Peri but we loose Turlough

The Kings Demons

The Kings Demons cover

It is 13th Century England and King John is visiting the castle stronghold of Sir Ranulph Fitzwilliam. Ranulf’s personal fortune has dwindled away, freely donated to King John to help fund the Crusade. When the TARDIS materialises and disturbs a jousting duel, The Doctor’s party are proclaimed friendly demons by the King, who seems strangely interested in their ‘blue engine’. Before long The Doctor becomes embroiled in court politics, and he realises that there is far more to the situation than a simple battle of honour between nobles. Ranulf’s cousin, Sir Geoffrey de Lacey, arrives at the castle and is astonished to find the King present. He has just left His Majesty in London preparing to sign Magna Carta, a document that will shape the future of democracy in the western world. The Doctor learns that neither the King nor Sir Gilles Estram are exactly who they claim, and that their true identities involve a battle-ravaged alien planet light-years away, and one of the Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemies

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Planet of Fire

Planet of Fire cover

A strange signal from Earth draws the TARDIS to the island of Lanzarote. While The Doctor tries to track the source of the signal, his companion Turlough rescues a young girl, Peri, from drowning. She is holding an artefact made from platinum bearing a strange symbol – the same symbol that Turlough himself carries on his arm, branded into the flesh… It is the artefact that is emitting the signal, leading them all to the planet Sarn, a world ravaged by volcanoes and yet holding the secret of eternal life. But an old foe of the Doctor’s is desperate for this elixir, and will stop at nothing to gain it. What is Turlough’s link to the artefact? What is the nature of Sarn’s mythical god, Logar, and how is it linked to the ruined spaceship crashed on a mountainside? As age-old systems of belief begin to break down, will anyone escape from the planet of fire with their life?

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Special Features

The Kings Demons

  • Commentary by Peter Davison and Isla Blair, script or Eric Saward. Plus a bonus commentary with director Tony Virgo on episode one only.
  • ‘Kamelion – Metal Man’ – this documentary looks at the short historyof the Doctor’s robotic companion.
  • ‘Magna Carta’ – In the story, The Master tries to alter history by preventing the signing of the Magna Carta. But what exactly is the Magna Carta and what is its relevance both throughout history and to our lives today?
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon
  • PDF Material – Radio Times in Adobe pdf format for viewing on PC or Mac.
  • Programme Subtitles
  • Subtitle Production Notes

Planet of Fire

  • Commentary by Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant and Mark Strickson, director Fiona Cumming.
  • ‘The Flames of Sarn’ – cast and crew recall the production of Planet of Fire. With actors Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, Mark Strickson, director Fiona Cumming, designer Malcolm Thornton, film cameraman John Walker.
  • ‘Return to the Planet of Fire’ – director Fiona Cumming and designer Malcolm Thornton return to Lanzarote to revisit some of the locations used during filming of the story.
  • ‘Designs on Sarn’ – designer Malcolm Thornton talks about his inspirations for the production design of ‘Planet of Fire’.
  • Alternate Edits, Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Continuity – BBC1 continuity announcements from the story’s original transmission.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Isolated Score
  • Coming Soon – a trail for a forthcoming DVD release. See Notes below.
  • PDF Material – Radio Times listings in Adobe PDF format for viewing on PC or Mac.
  • Programme Subtitles
  • ‘Planet of Fire – Special Edition’ – option to choose between 5.1 (default) and stereo soundtrack.
  • ‘Optional Introduction’ – an introduction to the Special Edition from director Fiona Cumming.
  • ‘Calling the Shots’ – BEHIND THE SCENES during the production of ‘Planet of Fire’.
  • ‘Remembering Anthony Ainley’ – A retrospective of the life and career of actor Anthony Ainley.

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