Affiliated With:

Knights of Velyshaa

Place of Origin:


First Appearance:

Invasion of the Daleks

Main Voice Actor:

Gareth Thomas


Kalendorf was a Knight of Velyshaa who played a key role in the formation of the Dalek Empire and the subsequent Dalek War of the 42nd century.


Kalendorf was sent to the planet Vega VI, to meet with Earth Security Operative Alby Brook concerning Velyshaan involvement against an impending Dalek invasion. However, The Daleks attacked Vega VI before the meeting could take place. Vega City was laid waste, and Kalendorf barely avoided being killed. Losing hope, Kalendorf was injured, and would have been exterminated by The Daleks if not for the intervention of Susan Mendes. (Kalendorf, Invasion of the Daleks)

Circumstances forced Susan (known to Kalendorf as “Suz”) to become a public speaker for The Daleks called”the Angel of Mercy”, openly promoting the feeling of hope to the subjugated human populations in the Dalek Empire. While this made humans more efficient for The Daleks, it also kept alive the possibility of eventual overthrow of the Daleks. Kalendorf assisted in this by working as Suz’s assistant. On the surface, Kalendorf provided the moral support that Suz needed to maintain her work as the Angel of Mercy. Underneath that, Kalendorf used Suz’s activities to build a covert network for rebellion against The Daleks. (The Human Factor)

After many years of war with the Earth Alliance, The Daleks finally cornered and defeated them around Earth’s solar system. In a galaxy-wide broadcast to announce the victory, Suz triggered the rebellion and was (apparently) killed for it. Kalendorf subsequently took command of the rebellion and the re-organisation of the remaining Earth Alliance fleets. (“Death to the Daleks!”)


In the following year, Kalendorf and the Earth Alliance liberated most of the galaxy as the Daleks retreated to Lopra Minor, where they activated Project Infinity. However, instead of offering The Daleks contact with an alternate dimension that held the ultimate Dalek race, they connected to a dimension of Daleks ruled by the Mentor, who immediately declared war on this dimension’s Daleks. The Earth Alliance allied with the Mentor’s Daleks, and Kalendorf took the role of Supreme Commander. (Project Infinity, Dalek War: Chapter One)

Just before the Great Rebellion, the Dalek Emperor had stored his consciousness inside Suz’s mind as a safeguard. Once Kalendorf found evidence that Susan Mendes was still alive he rescued her with the help of Alby Brook. The Alliance Daleks wanted her destroyed While the Enemy Daleks wanted her saved, to get their Emperor back. (Dalek War: Chapter Two)

Kalendorf concluded that the Mentor’s Daleks were just as bad as the Enemy Daleks, and defected to the Dalek Supreme’s side in the war, along with Suz. (Dalek War: Chapter Three)

After many more years, it was obvious the war would continue until the galaxy was devoid of life. The Mentor abducted Kalendorf, but he remained adamant that our galaxy should be free of all Daleks. In response, the Mentor gave up and returned the Alliance Dalek force to their own dimension. Left with ourown (enemy) Daleks, Kalendorf then triggered a psychic impulse in Susan Mendes’ mind. Flowing through the Dalek Emperor, it sent an unstoppable signal for all Daleks and Dalek installations to self-destruct. The wave of destruction annihilated almost all Dalek technology in two galaxies. The subsequent collapse of galactic civilisation became known as the Great Catastrophe and Kalendorf was only remembered as “the Dark One” or “the Bringer of Death”. (Dalek War: Chapter Four)


Kalendorf made his way home to Velyshaa, where he spent the remainderof his life. Velyshaa constructed a museum dedicated to the Dalek War, and Kalendorf saved a numberof “psychic recordings”, both for his own use and as part of the museum’s archives. Kalendorf was often found in the museum reminiscing about the old days. While there, he was met again by The Doctor. The Doctor was contemplating a way to permanently destroy The Daleks, but one which had tremendous cost. Asked if there was a better solution, Kalendorf was not able to give The Doctor a satisfactory answer. (Museum Peace)

Kalendorf’s psychic recordings were found 2500 years later by Saloran Haredew. She handed them off to Special Envoy Siy Tarkov, who used them to alert the Galactic Unedition of the next major invasion by The Daleks in the 67th century. (Dalek War: Chapter Four, The Exterminators) The original recordings – and Saloran Haredew – were destroyed by The Daleks some 24 years later. (The Future)

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