K9 Tales

K9 Tales
K9 Tales DVD


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD2439
Certification: 12
Duration: 143 minutes


This box set of Doctor Who: K9 Tales unites two classic Doctor Who stories: The Invisible Enemy and the first Doctor Who spin- off K9 and Company. It’s also packed with a host of fantastic extras this DVD.

Starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Louise Jameson and John Leeson

The Invisible Enemy

The Invisible Enemy cover

is a four-part story featuring the screen debut of K9, the robot canine. When The Doctor answers a distressed call from a shuttle crew who have been infected with an intelligent virus, he too becomes contaminated. The only solution is to create clones of the Doctor and his companion Leela (Louise Jameson) to enter his body and fight the virus.

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K9 and Company

K9 and Company cover

sees The Doctor’s two companions, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and K9 appearing together. Also known as A Girl’s Best Friend, this was the first bona fide spin- off from Doctor Who.

In this one- off special, Sarah Jane pays a Christmas visit to her Aunt Lavania in the village of Moreton Harwood. But something is horribly wrong. Lavania is missing, leaving Sarah Jane in charge of her Aunt’s ward Brendan. When Brendan is kidnapped by an evil cult of witches, Sarah Jane and K9 find themselves in the middle of a mystery.

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Special Features

The Invisible Enemy

  • Commentary by actors Louise Jameson, John Leeson, visual effects designer Mat Irvine and co-writer Bob Baker
  • ‘Dreams and Fantasy’– artistes and production crew recall the making of this story and even take the original K9 for walkies. With actors Louise Jameson and John Leeson, director Derrick Goodwin, co-writer Bob Baker, visual effects designers Tony Harding and Mat Irvine, K9 operator Nigel Brackley, journalist Gary Gillatt
  • ‘Studio Sweepings’ – a rare opportunity to go BEHIND THE SCENES on the recording of this story, courtesy of a timecoded Shibaden videotape recorded for production use.
  • Visual Effect – Visual effects designer Mat Irvine meets up with his old colleague Ian Scoones at Bray Studios to talk about the visual effects for ‘The Invisible Enemy’ and other stories
  • Blue Peter – K9 meets John Noakes and Shep in this extract from the long-running children’s magazine show
  • CGI Effects – this gives the viewer the option to watch the story with many of the original video effects sequences replaced by CGI versions
  • Trailers and Continuity
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon
  • Easter Egg
  • Radio Times Listings
  • Programme subtitles
  • Subtitle Production Notes

K9 and Company

  • Commentary by actors Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, Linda Polan and script or Eric Saward
  • ‘The K9 Files’ – key production personnel look at the making of this story and K9’s subsequent life in books and comic strips. With actors Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, writer and co-creatorof K9, Dave Martin, script or Terrance Dicks, director John Black, visual effects designer Mat Irvine and journalist Moray Laing
  • ‘K9 – A Dog’s Tale’– K9 himself answers a selection of questions about his life
  • Pebble Mill at One – K9’s appearance on the Christmas 1981 edition of the BBC1 lunchtime magazine show
  • Trails and Continuities
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • K9 Stories – four books for younger children – ‘K9 and the Beasts of Vega’, ‘K9 and the Missing Planet’, ‘K9 and the Time Trap’ and ‘K9 and the Zeta Rescue’ – and the K9
  • Radio Times Listings
  • Programme subtitles
  • Subtitle Production Notes

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