K9 Complete Collection DVD

K9 Complete
K9 Complete Collection DVD


Number of DVDs:4
DVD Number: TBA
Certification: PG
Duration: 900 minutes


K9 The COMPLETE COLLECTION is s Most loved Robot dog K9 blasts back into action via a Space Time Manipulator and arrives in the late 21st Century in a London scarred by Alien Intrusionand Government rule through a Cybernetic Police Force.

K9 is a cybernetic construct from the 50th Century and has the appearance of an earth dog both in shape and size. He arrives at the home of Professor Gryffen, a renowned cybernetics and temporal dynamics expert who is working on the Alien Space-Time-Manipulator (STM) which opens a portal to anywhere in space and time. K9 is following a group of rogue Aliens, Jixen Warriors who attack Gryffen and a couple of teenagers; Starkey a homeless rebel and Jorjie, a very capable intelligent young girl.

To save them K9 sacrifices himself and explodes, soon followed by his regeneration thanks to a strange alien device implanted in his mainframe. The new look K9 can now hover and fly and has more capabilities than ever before. K9 loses his long term memory and begins a quest to not only protect humanity but to discover more about his time and Space travelling past.

The year is 2059 and the Earth has suffered at the hands of natural disasters and the world government s have developed cybernetic technology and replaced human police and security forces with Cybernetic Civil Pacificatedition Corps (The CCPC) who are controlled by the sinister Department.

The Department have divisions run by Inspectors who control Public Order and Alien and Paranormal activity.

Alongside Gryffens errand boy, Darius the teens are destined to become K9 s companions in the battle against repressedition by the Department and the ongoing invasion by Alien Life forms.

The series features many new and bizarre Alien menaces from beyond Time and Space as well as some evil home grown human adversaries.
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