K9 and Company

“Fishpond”Square 130x126

K9 and Company


Pages 160
ISBN 0-426-20309-7
Publication Date 15 October 1987


n the sleepy village of Hazelbury Abbas, the Winter Solstice is fast drawing near. It is a time of deep mystery and ancient evil.

Sarah Jane Smith, journalist and former companion to The Doctor, comes to Hazelbury Abbas to start work on her new book. While there she meets Brendan, the young ward of her Aunt Lavinia.

Suddenly Brendan disappears. Has he been kidnapped by the practitioners of Black Magic who are said to live in the village? Is he to be sacrificed to the goddess Hecate on the Winter Solstice?

But Sarah is not alone in her search for Brendan. Across the unimaginable gulfs of time and space, The Doctor has sent her a very special companion: a robotic dog by the name of K9….



  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 – Exit Aunt Lavinia
  • Chapter 2 – Enter Sarah Jane
  • Chapter 3 – An Invitation
  • Chapter 4 – A Gift from The Doctor
  • Chapter 5 – The Black Art
  • Chapter 6 – A Warning
  • Chapter 7 – K9 Blunders
  • Chapter 8 – A Confrontation
  • Chapter 9 – Brendan is Taken
  • Chapter 10 – K9 Goes Undercover
  • Chapter 11 – Human Sacrifice
  • Chapter 12 – Halstock
  • Chapter 13 – Evil Under the Moon
  • Epilogue


  • The story takes place in the village of Hazelbury Abbas while the television story is set in Moreton Harwood.
  • Sarah is far more antagonistic towards and impatient with Brendan than in the television story.
  • Brendan is said to be fourteen years old. His age was never stated in dialogue in A Girl’s Best Friend
  • K9 corrects Brendan’s grammar.
  • George Tracey insists on moving Sarah’s car, resulting in her doing a lot more walking than on screen.
  • Juno and Tobias draw Sarah’s attention to a ceremonial witch’s knife which Lavinia gave Juno.
  • It is mentioned that Lavinia inherited the manor from “Uncle Nicholas “.
  • Tracey’s hostility towards Sarah and Brendan is because he considers the land his.
  • The Traceys abduct Brendan by choloroforming him in his bedroom and lowering him out of the window.
  • There are other named members of the coven: poet Byron Weekes, midwife Rosemary Creach, nurse Michael Barnett and publican Stanley Shields.
  • Sarah speculates Brendan could be at Tracey’s mother’s or the Bakers’ farm.
  • Pollock stalls Sarah by claiming he has contacted the Chief Constable.
  • Sarah encounters Howard Bakeroutside the police station after speaking with Sergeant Mideway.
  • Wilson’s death is presented in a more supernatural manner than on screen with it stated that Tracey’s wife died in the same way when her faith wavered.
  • There are extra scenes of Peter guarding Brendan.
  • Brendan says he will put a word in for Peter and that the cult were planning to use his body as fertiliser.
  • Sarah phones the police before disrupting the ceremony, delaying it until K9 gets there.
  • The short scene of a tractor blocking Sarah’s path is replaced with a lengthy sequence of a sports car trying to force heroff the road and crashing.

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