The Jupiter Conjunction

The Jupiter Conjunction
The Jupiter Conjunction

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Rebecca Front (Patricia Walton), John Cummins (Anton Falcao), Ellie Burrow (Chica St Jude), Zoe Lister (Violet Silvaner), Ben Porter (Major Nash), Simon Blake (Manny), Philip Pope (Jovians)


Eight slash Q Panenka, a craggy comet with a 13km circumference, has an elliptical orbit that takes it between Earth and Jupiter. Which, in the year 2329, makes it a cheap means of space freight – the second class postal service of the solar system.

But when the TARDIS lands on Panenka, The Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa discover a community falling apart at the seams – plagued by thefts, and mysterious disappearances among the ‘piggybackers’ who eke out a desperate existence on the comet.

While Tegan and Nyssa suit up for a dangerous excursedition into the comet’s Unstable Zone, The Doctor and Turlough find themselves pawns in a game that could lead to tragedy for both Earth and Jupiter alike…

Written by: Eddie Robson

Directed by: Ken Bentley


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  • The JupiterConjunction was the second story in the 2012 The Fifth Doctor audio trilogy.
  • The Doctor refers to Nyssa’s recent rejuvenation in India on 31 December 1926 (The Emerald Tiger), and his regeneration into his fourth incarnation (Planet of the Spiders, Robot).
  • The Doctor and Nyssa both recall his failure to save Adric’s life. (Earthshock)
  • The Doctor and Turlough wear atmospheric suits from the TARDIS. (Four to Doomsday)
  • The Doctor refers to the TARDIS’ Hostile Action Displacement System. (The Krotons)
  • Eight slash Q Panenka, which is 13 kilometres in diameter, orbits the Sol system every three years and three months. The Doctor determines that the comet is approaching conjunction with Jupiter.
  • Panenka Haulage has 316 employees, all of whom reside on the comet.
  • The Jovians are incapable of firing their electrical bolts twice in rapid succession.

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