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Colin Baker (The Doctor), Maggie Stables (Evelyn), Martin Jarvis (Nigel Rochester), Rosalind Ayres (Miriam Rochester), Steven Elder (Farrow), Kai Simmons (Lamb), Jane Goddard (Presenter/Mary), Rob Shearman (Presenter), Jack Galagher (Movie Star), Georgina Carter (Movie Star/Judy), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voice/US Prime Minister/Announcer)


The story that became ‘Dalek’ on . Although the televised episode in 2005 (starring Christopher Eccleston) ended up being very different in many important ways, this is the core of the idea that Russell T. Davies wanted writer Rob Shearman to develop. Find out how it all started.

Hurrah! The deadly Daleks are back! Yes, those loveable tinpot tyrants have another plan to invade our world. Maybe this time because they want to drill to the Earth’s core. Or maybe because they just feel like it.

And when those pesky pepperpots are in town, there is one thing you can be sure of. There will be non-stop, high octane mayhem in store. And plenty of exterminations!

But never fear. The Doctor is on hand to sort them out. Defender of the Earth, saviour of us all. With his beautiful assistant, Evelyn Smythe, by his side, he will fight once again to uphold the beliefs of the English Empire. All hail the glorious English Empire!

Now that sounds like a jubilee worth celebrating, does it not?


The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, having followed a weird transmission, arrive in London in 2003, but they quickly notice that the city appears strange and looks unusually dirty and dusty. Before they can properly investigate, the TARDIS suddenly dematerialises, leaving them behind.

The Doctor is then suddenly stricken by a weird sense of déjà vu, and realises that he and Evelyn have landed in an alternate timeline. England, now known as the “English Empire”, has become the central political power of the world, following the events of “The Great Dalek War of 1903”, and is ruled by the despotic President Rochester, who holds the sole surviving Dalek in the universe as a captive, and uses it as a part of his propaganda campaign of death.

As The Doctor and Evelyn try to restore the original timeline, they discover that they are being worshipped as heroes of the Dalek war, a fact which worries The Doctor, as he suddenly has faint and rather out-of-place memories of having fought in that war, and perhaps even more disturbingly, he can’t recall if he ever managed to escape from it.



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  • Jubilee was the fortieth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • The Doctor and Evelyn become stuck within a temporal paradox (though it seems a closed loop)
  • If The Doctor and Evelyn hadn’t arrived in 1903, then the Daleks would have invaded.
  • However, The Doctor and Evelyn do land and for a moment are ejected from the TARDIS and are stuck in 1903 during the Dalek invasion of Earth. They defeated them but remain stranded there.
  • However, they also re-land in 2003 and by their actions stop the invasion before it starts in 1903.
  • In various Torchwood stories and in Dalek there are Jubilee Pizza pizza boxes as a homage to this story. A Jubilee Pizza leaflet is also seen in The Lodger.
  • Jubilee is the first release to use the Dominic Glynn arrangement of the Doctor Who theme. It is also the first to have a full-colour CD insert.
  • This was the first Big Finish audio drama to feature the Daleks that wasn’t listed as part of the greater Dalek Empire story arc, not including their brief cameo in Seasons of Fear.
  • The Sixth Doctor previously discovered a statue of himself on Necros. (Revelation of the Daleks)
  • The Fourth Doctor discovered a statue of himself on an unnamed planet. (The Face of Evil)
  • The Vortex Magnotron is from ‘Day of the Daleks‘.
  • There are several Dalek Museums. Nigel’s personal one contains several working pieces of Dalek technology (see Intertextuality) and several mock Daleks operated by dwarfs.

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