The Fifth Traveller

Main Voice Actor:

James Joyce


Jospa was a Vervidic who infiltrated The Doctor’s TARDIS by implanting himself in the memories of recent adventures by the TARDIS crew. He was originally an orphan from the slums of his home planet.

When the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister visited his planet, they freed a group of slaves before fleeing the authorities. Jospa was sent to integrate himself within the TARDIS, implanting himself in their memories of visits to Byzantium, Rome, Vortis and China, with the ultimate aim of stealing the TARDIS for his people. To do so, he brought a piece of Vervidic technology which he claimed would help The Doctor pilot the TARDIS more accurately.

They soon arrived on the homeworld of the telepathic Arunde. At first he spent some time exploring with The Doctor and companions, but his ruse was soon found out. Vicki found out when she noticed a discrepancy in his story, while Barbara and The Doctor found out when Jospa’s attention was drawn towards mentally controlling the Arunde, causing him to lose his grasp on their minds. He tried to gain control of the TARDIS using his technology, but was defeated by The Doctor in a mental confrontation which resulted in Jospa’s death. He was buried on the Arunde homeworld. (The Fifth Traveller)

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