Josiah W. Dogbolter



Josiah W. Dogbolter


The Maltese Penguin / The Quantum Possibility Engine

Main Voice Actor:

Toby Longworth


Josiah W. Dogbolter was a ruthless Anurian capitalist and the chairman and president of Intra-Venus, Inc.. On a numberof occasions, he employed quirky mercenaries in attempts to capture The Doctor’s TARDIS, which he saw as a way to make even more money.

As head of Intra-Venus, he actually owned the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and other worlds, including the mining world Celeste. A loyal robot named Hob assisted him in his financial decisions. Mistaking the Fifth Doctor and his companion Gus for rebel leaders, he learned of the TARDIS. Thinking that “time equals money” and therefore a time machine would create money for him, he hired the Moderator to locate it for him. The Moderator fatally shot Gus. Despite this, The Doctor rescued the Moderator, ensuring that he got on life support. Dogbolter arranged for Hob to disconnect the Moderator from life support, killing him. (The Moderator)

Dogbolteroffered a quarterof a million mazumas as a reward for the Sixth Doctor. Frobisher intended to collect the money, but instead befriended The Doctor. They stole the money from Dogbolter’s estate and escaped. (The Shape Shifter)

Josiah was searching for “the something”, an object that if sold, could disrupt the economic stability on one of his planets. He bribed a police officer, Elric Chandler, to work for him. In a demonstration to Frobisher, Josiah killed his henchman, Elgar. He found”the something” was a microchip. When activated, the microchip delivered a joke to the worker’s screen. This gave them imagination, destroying the economy. (The Maltese Penguin)

Dogbolter developed the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket, promising unlimited potential for personal time travel to his shareholders. He employed Death’s Head to hunt the Seventh Doctor through time using the prototype, but planned to destroy both with a nuclear weapon built into the device. Working together, Death’s Head and the Doctor removed the bomb and left it on the roof of Intra-Venus HQ. Dogbolter and Hob fled to the secure sub-basement. Held up in the elevator, Dogbolter found his passcard with seconds to spare but both were caught in the blast. (Time Bomb!) Hob set up a database over three million years dedicated to the life of Death’s Head, in order to track him down and find his master across time and space. Hob refused and became enraged at any suggestion that Dogbolter had perished in the explosion. (The Incomplete Death’s Head)

At one point, Dogbolter became President of the Solar System. He manipulated Melanie Bush into giving him the TARDIS, and used a Quantum Possibility Engine to continually”nudge” past events, and thereby maintain power. When the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Narvin were trapped inside a new timeline, Dogbolter tried to have them killed, but this attempt was foiled. (The Quantum Possibility Engine)

As part of the Twelfth Doctor’s plot to bring him down, on his 500th birthday, Dogbolter’s true nature was exposed to the universe by Sharon Allen broadcasting his murder confession on the Galactic Broadcasting Corporation, leading to him being arrested by Intersol and his assets seized. Intra-Venus, Inc. was bought by Majenta Pryce. (The Stockbridge Showdown)


According to Toby Longworth, who voiced the character for Big Finish Productions, Dogbolter was inspired by Kasper Gutman, the characterof Sydney Greenstreet, from the movie The Maltese Falcon. (The Big Finish Podcast, 21 October 2018.)

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