Jocelyn Sancerre

Space Babies



Jocelyn Sancerre



Place of Origin:

Baby Station Beta


Space Babies

Main Actor:

Golda Rosheuvel


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Jocelyn Sancerre was the onboard accountant for Baby Station Beta. She stayed behind after the station was abandoned as she wanted there to be someone to look after the kids. She tried to repair the station. She stayed in hiding, posing as the nanny care system for the babies. This was because she knew that there was limited oxygen and food on the ship, and she didn’t want to watch them die or have them watch her die. She told the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday what had happened to cause the ship to be abandoned and that by law they couldn’t turn off the parthenogenesis machine. She tried to eject the Bogeyman from the ship to protect the babies, but the Doctor stopped her, as it was also her duty of care to look after it as well. (Space Babies)

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