Biological Type:

Turtle-like humanoids

Place of Origin:

Jixen homeworld

Notable Individuals:

Jixen 1, Jixen 2, Jixen 3, Jixey

First Seen In:



The Jixen were a species of turtle-like warriors.


The Jixen looked like turtles, with broad shells, stubby limbs, bright blue eyes and beak-like mouths. They used a sonar type movement that made them appear to shudder. (Regeneration) they could emit painful screams as an attack. These were especially effective on the Meron and also generated a blanket of energy over their enemies to inflict pain or knock them unconscious. (Liberation) The Jixen were part of a collective consciousness. (Hound of the Korven)

The Jixen would spray a mucus on their prey to track them over great distances. Once marked this way, the Jixen would follow their prey until death. This mucus contained Jixen genetic material, confusing some tracking devices (such as the one used by K9). (Regeneration)


As they were part of a collective, they had no individual names. They were known for their sense of humour. (Hound of the Korven)


As shown in the Anubian Book of Deliverance, the Anubians attacked the Jixen. (Curse of Anubis)
On their home planet, the Jixen fought a centuries long war across the galaxy with their sworn enemies, the Meron. Whole planets were destroyed in the conflict. The Jixen were winning the war but they were defeated (Liberation) when the Korven supplied the Merons with energy weapons. (Hound of the Korven)

In the year 50, 000, four surviving Jixen warriors, in league with the bounty hunter Ahab, murdered Zanthus Pia for unknown strategic reasons. (The Bounty Hunter) they fought K9 Mark I, the Korven agent, who witnessed the murder, until they were brought to 2050 via a Space-Time Manipulator. The Jixen tried to warn the nearby humans of a Korven invasion, but could not speak English. Their threatening appearance made the humans think they were attacking. After spraying Starkey with tracking mucus, K9 came through the STM. After a brief battle he self-destructed to destroy the Jixen emissary. Despite this, two of the Jixen survived and escaped although they were separated. When Starkey was captured by the Department, the Jixen followed it to his holding cell, though Starkey was able to escape. (Regeneration)

One of the two surviving Jixen found that two Meron were located in the Dauntless Prison and tracked it. When it encountered Starkey and the new K9 they managed to fool him by putting Starkey’s jacket (which contained the hunting spray) in a cell and locked him in. A Meron appeared and attacked them, but the Jixen scared it off with a scream. The Jixen was eventually able to break free and went after Starkey again. It was killed when Starkey attached the remote control for the Prison to the Jixen and set it to self-destruct. (Liberation)

When K9 went to investigate a hole in a wardrobe which caused fear and panic, he saw a hallucination of a Jixen, frightening him. He was able to face the hallucination when Starkey convinced him it wasn’t real. (Fear Itself)

When the Bodach induced nightmares across London, Starkey dreamed he was chased by a Jixen in a strange place. When he woke he found there was a Jixen in the mansion. When he told K9 to stop it, K9 shot Starkey instead and Starkey woke up for real. (Dream-Eaters)

The surviving Jixen learned English by reading books so it could warn humanity of the Korven. K9 and the team suspected a Jixen had survived after they were followed and discovered mucus which K9 confirmed to be Jixen. (The Last Precinct) Thorne tricked K9 into swapping his regeneration unit for his faulty old memory chip, turning him into a bomb that would explode when he encountered the Jixen. The Jixen had made itself at home in the sewers, so Thorne had the CCPCs plant stun mines and gas bombs there to corral it. When K9 went down into the sewers to make the swap, he ran into the Jixen faster, preventing it from warning mankind of the forthcoming Korven invasion. K9 was disarmed and the Jixen got his message across. The Jixen was nicknamed”Jixey”. (Hound of the Korven)

Someday K9 was imprisoned by the Sporraxx who wanted to extract K9’s memory core. K9 tried to distract them by referencing: manuals on trigellan goat herding, the 19th century straker census’ and the tax return systems of the Jixens. (Short Circuit)


Jixen were the first aliens to appear in the K9 series.

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