Jilly Kitzinger

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Jilly Kitzinger

Main Aliases:

Lucy Statten Meredith



Affiliated With:

The Three Families

First Seen In:


Last Appearance:

The Blood Line

Main Actor:

Lauren Ambrose

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Jillian “Jilly” Alexander Kitzinger was an American PR representative. In 2011, she worked for a company called “PhiCorp” and as the personal representative of Oswald Danes during the events of Miracle Day.

She met with Oswald Danes and Dr Vera Juarez (Rendition) and expressed great interest in having both become involved with the company, even to the point of travelling cross-country to meet with them. (Dead of Night)

Later, she was ordered by PhiCorp to become Oswald’s personal manager. She made it clear to him that she did not like him and despised him for his crimes. Jilly was not happy to discover that Oswald was rapidly becoming old news and that Ellis Hartley Monroe was stealing the limelight with her Dead is Dead campaign. On arriving at the hospital where Ellis was making her speech, Oswald demanded that Jilly do something to get him back in the public eye, then took matters into his own hands. He spoke to the patients, vowing to help them. Jilly was delighted and started making appointments for Oswald to appear on television again. Ellis was kidnapped and put inside a car compactor. (Escape to LA)

Jilly also arranged for Oswald to make a speech at the Miracle Rally to win more support for PhiCorp. Oswald was not impressed with her speech for him. Jack Harkness tried to convince Oswald to expose PhiCorp for already knowing about the miracle. When Jilly saw Jack, she questioned him on who he was and, as he left, took a picture of him. Oswald did not stick to either of the speeches, but used a keyword Jilly told him to use: “revelation”. She saw him gain support for PhiCorp. During the rally, a mysterious man approached Jilly and told her she was being noticed ‘by the right people’. (The Categories of Life)

In the weeks after the rally, Jilly increasingly viewed Oswald with disgust. She no longer hid her feelings about him. Oswald eventually asked Jilly to hire a prostitute for him. To Jilly’s surprise, Oswald wanted one who was of age. After returning to her room, Jilly met a woman who claimed to be looking for an internship for a PR and asked to work for Jilly. Jilly told her to bring her a sandwich and hire a prostitute for Oswald.

The next day, Oswald came into Jilly’s hotel room demanding to know what category 0 was. Jilly explained that it was a new category for convicted criminals to be burned alive in the modules. This angered Oswald, who hit Jilly and ran away. Jilly shouted at Oswald that he would receive new charges for hitting her and then he would be burned – his act ended her relationship with and loyalty (such as it was) to Danes.

Jilly explained to her new intern that she was planning to hold a press conference to let the world know what Oswald had done, but the mysterious man whom Jilly had met at the miracle rally soon arrived and shot Jilly’s intern. He explained the intern was actually working for the CIA and told Jilly she was being promoted. When Jilly asked if she was to move higher up in PhiCorp, he said she was being promoted above PhiCorp and would be working for the families. (End of the Road)

Jilly spent the next two months mistranslating things to hide the existence of the Blessing. Eventually, the family member who had recruited her told her she was to go to Shanghai to see the Blessing and her name was now Lucy Statten Meredith. On arriving in Shanghai, Jilly met with another family member, who told her it would be her job to rewrite history. Jilly then went to see the Blessing, meeting the Mother in the process. (The Gathering)

Jilly was at the final confrontation between Jack Harkness and the Families, where she threw her allegiance behind the Families’ plan to create a more perfect society with the Blessing. She escaped the Shanghai facility with her life (and a punch in the mouth from Gwen Cooper) after Oswald blew it up, but not much else. She spent the next few weeks struggling to return to the US, selling all her jewellery to do so, and casting about in hopes of making contact with the Families again. When they contacted her, they recruited her for what was called “Plan B”. (The Blood Line)

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