Jenny Flint

Deep Breath
Jenny as in Deep Breath


Played By: Catrin Stewart
Tenure 04/06/2011-present
First appearance
A Good Man Goes To War (regular)
Last appearance Deep Breath (regular)
Number of Series
Appearances 5 stories

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Jenny Flint is one quarter of the Paternoster Gang. Kind, brave and devoted to Madame Vastra, she’s also a good friend to The Doctor, visibly upset when he repeated his claim that he had ‘retired’. It’s clear she won’t give up on the Time Lord and may yet share more adventures with him…

We first encountered Jenny Flint in Victorian London where she appeared to be the maid of Madame Vastra, ‘the Lizard woman of Paternoster Row’. It soon became clear they were good friends and that Jenny doesn’t shy away from danger. Indeed, during our first glimpse of her, she was delighted when Vastra ordered, ‘Pack the cases, Jenny… And we’re going to need the swords!

That particular excursion took Jenny to Demon’s Run where she seemed unfazed by the futuristic environment, a possible indication that she has accompanied her Silurian friend to similar places in the past. But the mission ended in a harrowing battle where many fell. Jenny fought well and bravely, resolutely staying by Vastra’s side despite the overwhelming odds they both faced.

Jenny has a softer side, however.

Immediately after the Battle of Demon’s Run, for instance, she comforted the distraught Amy, and defended The Doctor. ‘It’s not his fault,‘ she gently pointed out as Amy tried to come to terms with the temporary loss of her baby. It was a side she showed again when back in London and attempting to coax the Time Lord out of retirement. After her efforts and those of Strax and Vastra failed to engage The Doctor, she seemed the saddest of the trio. ‘I think he means it,‘ she murmured unhappily.

She’s not afraid to mildly rebuke Strax and to show her displeasure with Vastra’s infrequent insensitivity, such as when the Silurian commented that all ‘mammals’ look alike to her.

But Jenny is clearly a patient person, putting up with the sulky Sontaran’s wild schemes and the occasional tongue-lashing from Madame Vastra.

Jenny helped defeat The Great Intelligence in 1892 and during that adventure we discovered she was married to Madame Vastra. But we soon saw that their marriage hadn’t marred their passion for danger and in 1893 Jenny went undercover in Yorkshire, inveigling her way into Mrs Gillyflower’s ‘mill’ and rescuing The Doctor. She showed courage and quick thinking to save the Time Lord who celebrated his freedom by giving her a quick kiss… It was one liberty too far for the married lady who promptly slapped his face for the impertinence!

Jenny reappeared in Deep Breath and helped the twelfth Doctor recover during his regeneration.

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