Jeremy Fitzoliver



Jeremy Fitzoliver





Place of Origin:



Mama Fitzoliver

First Seen In:

The Paradise of Death


The Ghosts of N-Space
The Paradise of Death novelisation
The Ghosts of N-Space novelisation
Interference – Book Two
Island of Death
The Secret Lives of Monsters
The Dead Man’s Story (in Short Trips: Repercussions)
Neptune (in Short Trips: The Solar System)
Sedna (in Short Trips: The Solar System)

Main Voice Actor:

Richard Pearce


Jeremy Fitzoliver was an upper-class photographer and occasional companion of the Third Doctor.

Fitzoliver was not popular at the Metropolitan magazine. Sarah Jane herself could barely stand him. He got the job mainly because his uncle Teddy was a majority shareholderof the magazine’s publisher. (Island of Death) He first got involved with the Third Doctor’s affairs through his colleague, Sarah Jane Smith, when her editor provided her with Jeremy as a photographer for a story that the editor didn’t take seriously. Although Jeremy ended up accompanying The Doctor and the Brigadier when they had to travel to the planet Parakon to rescue Sarah, this was only because The Doctor asked Jeremy to take his toolbox into the TARDIS and forgot to tell him to stop. (The Paradise of Death)

The Doctor took Jeremy on multiple adventures. In one, Jeremy was fiddling with the controls when he accidentally released a burst of temporal energy, which caused Jake Morgan, a man standing near the TARDIS, to cross into a different phase of reality, where he could not interact with anyone. The Doctor was unable to bring him back, only to send him into his own phase of reality to live out eternity. Morgan left after he spoke to his fiancée one last time. (The Dead Man’s Story)

The Doctor and Jeremy then landed on Sedna, where Siccati were attacking their own people. The Doctor requested a meeting with the Arrangers, who would only meet those who presented them with art masterpieces. The Doctor was annoyed at having his painting denied, when Jeremy was taken on a tourof the city with his poorly-constructed vase. The Doctor and Jeremy discovered that the Arrangers wanted to make the planet a perfect piece of art. Jeremy asked why his art was accepted, and one of the Arrangers admitted that in a search for perfect art, he admired the vase’s lack of perfection. The Doctor pointed out that meant that something that was “not” perfect “could” be beautiful, and the Arrangers, accepting this argument, left the planet alone. (Sedna)

The Doctor, Sarah, Jeremy, and the Brigadier travelled to San Stefano Minore and encountered ghosts crossing from Null-Space to Earth. (The Ghosts of N-Space)

Jeremy joined a cult which worshiped the Skang. (Island of Death)

By one account, in 1996, Jeremy was a government worker with connections to the Home Office. Sarah Jane Smith contacted him during her investigation into the Remote; he tried to deny her information, afraid of breaking the Official Secrets Act, but she correctly accused him of drinking at the Prince Leslie. He sounded weak and whiny over the phone. (Interference – Book Two)

By another account, Jeremy accidentally wiped his mind with The Doctor’s IRIS machine, and as “John Doe” he was manipulated by powerful psychic aliens into assisting their escape from a prison dimension. However, their plans were thwarted by the Sixth Doctor in 1993, and the agents killed John Doe before The Doctor could meet him face-to-face. (Instruments of Darkness)

By another account, he was still working on the Metropolitan in the 2000s. In 2009, he interviewed Luke Rattigan. (The Secret Lives of Monsters)

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