The Doctor's Daughter





Time Lord
The Doctor’s species

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Tenth Doctor

Foster Mother:

River Song

First Seen In:

The Doctors Daughter


The Choice
The Lost Dimension
Stolen Goods
Prisoner of the Ood
Neon Reign
Zero Space
Relative Time

Main Actor:

Georgia Moffett


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Jenny was the daughterof the Tenth Doctor, artificially created from his DNA when it was sampled by a progenation machine.


During a short war on the planet Messaline between humans and Hath, both sides used progenation machines. These could create mentally programmed adults from a single DNA sample, making the donor both “biological mother and father “. When the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, and Martha Jones arrived on Messaline, Jenny was made from a skin sample taken from The Doctor without his permission. (The Doctor’s Daughter)


The then nameless Jenny pushed a button which triggered an explosion, collapsing the tunnel and cutting the group off from the Hath and Martha. Shortly after, Jenny was named by Donna from The Doctor’s description of her as a “generated anomaly.” Jenny’s commander, Cobb, imprisoned The Doctor, Donna, and Jenny where Donna proved that Jenny was indeed The Doctor’s daughter by listening to her binary vascular system. However, The Doctor insisted that she was nothing more than an “echo” and that a “real” Time Lord was “so much more.”

By kissing Cline and stealing his pistol, Jenny was able to allow them to escape, impressing The Doctor with her capability, even if he didn’t care for her inclination towards violence, having to later convince her not to kill Cobb. As the three of them made their way towards the Source, which Cobb and the Hath both sought, Jenny spoke with The Doctor about the possibility of travelling with him, and he told her that he would never leave her. Upon arriving at the Source, The Doctor told the respective parties to end the war, whereupon General Cobb aimed his gun and shot at him, Jenny jumping in the way of the bullet. She was shot through one of her hearts, and died, but did not regenerate.

Despite not experiencing regeneration Jenny somehow came back to life. With her father having left the planet and believing her to be dead, she stole a shuttlecraft and left Messaline. When asked where she was going, she restated Donna’s earlier description of the Doctor’s life. “Oh, I’ve got the whole universe: planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat — and an awful lot of running to do.” She then set off to explore the universe. (The Doctor’s Daughter)

At some point shortly afterwards, someone in a cantina told her about messages in bottles. She then wrote a letter to her father and left it in the ocean. (Judge, Jury and Executioner)


Jenny is captured in Adam Mitchell’s plot to get revenge on The Doctor, placed in between Rory Williams and Martha Jones. (The Choice)

Jenny was captured by Adam Mitchell and trapped with many other companions of her father’s. Along with the others, she was released by Frobisher. (The Choice)

Jenny encountered the COLT-5000 bounty hunter posing as a sales rep, which was seeking her Time Lord biodata.

Piloting a starship, and narrowly avoiding a collision with a moon, Jenny accidentally crashed with Garundel’s ship. Garundel took her to a spaceport he knew to fix the damages, intending to con herof her money. Escaping from Garundel, Jenny stole a ship. Onboard the ship was a man named Noah, who commanded the ship to take her away from the spaceport. The COLT-5000 arrived, halting her plans of escape. Jenny created a device called the time-hopper, using it to travel through time on a single trip with Noah. (Stolen Goods)

Jenny and Noah arrived in a prison guarded by the Ood. Theironly prisoner was Valderon. Valderon tried to escape by attacking Jenny’s mind. Jenny believed she had escaped by activating her vortex manipulatoronce again but instead brought herself and Valderon to Earth. The Ood followed them and began enslaving the minds of nearby humans. After the Ood found Valderon Jenny reunited with Noah and the duo departed Earth. (Prisoner of the Ood)

Travelling to Kamshassa, Jenny and Noah helped the planet’s natives to overthrow the Dragon Lord, the planet’s dictator, but were tracked down by the COLT-5000. They fled in a sporeship (Neon Reign) which she named the Jenny One.

They flew into zero space and discovered a space station in the middle of it. Jenny recklessly flew towards it quickly, only to discover they couldn’t slow down, however the soldiers aboard were able to devise a way for them to safely dock. Whilst their ship was repaired, she learned more about the facility and panicked upon realising there were progenation machines aboard, as the COLT-5000 could exploit it. The bounty hunter arrived and forced the soldiers to help it, forcing Jenny and Noah to flee through the station. They reached the centre of the station where they encountered the COLT-5000 who had them taken to the progenation rooms. Jenny managed to persuade the soldiers to turn on the bounty hunter, however it activated a wormhole bomb. As the soldiers evacuated in escape pods, they returned to the Jenny One and devised a way to propel it through the wormhole that had opened, losing the COLT-5000 which had been attempting to break-in. (Zero Space)

Months after evading the COLT-5000, Jenny learnt of an upcoming auction of a TARDIS at the Maldovarium. Despite Dorium Maldovar’s efforts to keep herout of things, claiming he was keeping her safe due to owing The Doctor a debt, Jenny interrupted the auction only to discover it was just a front so Dorium could hand over the criminal bidders to the Shadow Proclamation. Dorium let her and Noah enter the TARDIS, the asteroid the Maldorvarium was currently based on, and she took off without him, finding herself able to fly it by instinct. Realising the ship was old and wanted solitude, she left it in deep space and stole one of the bidders’ spaceships instead. Dorium contacted them and suggested they visit New Damson. (Inside the Maldovarium)

Arriving on New Damson, Jenny and Noah were split up and found the people were being exploited and policed by cybernetically enhanced Suits. With the aid of alien Queen Sogo, she formented a revolution and found Noah had been partly cyber converted by aerial Cybermats. He managed to overcome it to help her destroy the sole Cyber-Leader responsible for the regime. With peace restored to New Damson, sogo revealed she’d been sent to help them by Dorium and supplied Jenny with a vortex manipulator in return for her efforts. (Altered Status)

Arriving in the Old West Jenny was seemingly mistaken for a criminal identical in appearance to her and they discovered a crystal which caused bad luck. In the ensuing events the crystal caused Jenny to accidentally travel back in time three months, forcing her to become the infamous criminal she’d been mistaken for and arrange events to ensure her younger self fell back in time. With the paradox resolved, she and Noah escaped, leaving the crystal on a crashing train. (Calamity Jenny)

When the COLT-5000 caught up with them again, Jenny linked her manipulator to its timeline and travelled back with Noah to try to avert its creation. They discovered it was formerly a woman called Geraldine and that the cyborgs were created from people who voiced disatisfaction with their lives in an audit on her world. Jenny took Geraldine further back to show her the positive impact she’d had over life so she’d pass the audit. Jenny then returned Geraldine to the audit realising the progressive trips had damaged the manipulator so it could only make one more trip. As security closed in for them disrupting the audit, Jenny hurriedly attempted to escape with the manipulator but accidentally took Geraldine instead of Noah. Back where they’d been cornered by the COLT-5000, she was horrified to discover that Noah had now become the cyborg in Geraldine’s place. (Her Own Worst Enemy)


Jenny stowed away on board the Apocalypse Deathwatch, sensing that it was heading towards a temporal collision. The timeship it crashed into was the Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS, although Jenny quickly discovered that she was dealing with a younger version of her father. Although the Fifth Doctor didn’t believe her claim that she was his daughter, he accepted her help in undoing the temporal collision after it was established that the Nine was trying to take advantage of the chaos. The Doctor and Jenny were separated after the collision was prevented and due to the event happening in cauterised time neither retained any memory of their meeting. (Relative Time)


Jenny tracked her father through multiple incarnations. but he rarely stayed in one place long enough for her to make contact with him. She managed to track the Eleventh Doctor to the Siege of Trenzalore but was unable to contact him owing to the force field that the Papal Mainframe had established.

When Jenny’s ship broke down, she managed to rewire its engine into a wormhole generator that took her to the planet Kulontor, trading engineering support for resources, orbited by a moon called Terebek that only appeared every six months. Fashioning a suit of armor for herself, Jenny travelled to Terebek when it appeared. Discovering that a crashed bowship was the cause of the temporal anomalies, Jenny repaired, incorporating its Seal of Rassilon into her armor, and claimed it as her new craft.

Travelling around in her bowship, Jenny tracked the progress of a white hole to the planet Sultath, where she encountered Jack Harkness and Tara Mishra. Failing to save them, she flew after them into the while hole, becoming trapped herself. She was saved by the Fifth Doctor who in doing so, was sucked in himself. Jenny then travelled to St Luke’s University, anotherof the few places The Doctor was sedentary, where she met the Twelfth Doctor to get his help. As she told him what had happened, her bowship was analysed by UNIT personnel, the Void energy saturating its hull infecting Kate Stewart and Osgood. Immune to the white energy thanks to being time travellers, The Doctor, Jenny, Bill Potts and Nardole entered the TARDIS, only to find that it merged with the version occupied by the Tenth Doctor, Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu, grounding the ship. Ejecting themselves, the group emerged on the university’s lawn, finding a white hole that threatened to devour the planet before the Ninth Doctor saved them from the possessed students. Though the group tried to use his TARDIS to escape, it too had merged with its other selves before the Eighth Doctor and Josie Day emerged from it. Deciding to use the bowship, the Ninth, Tenth, and Twelfth Doctors flew into the portal to discover the source of the threat. Left to hold the line, Jenny rallied the companions to hold off the possessed forces before the threat passed. Deprived of her bowship, Jenny was returned to her proper time and place by the Ninth Doctor. (The Lost Dimension)

Another account implied The Doctor was unaware of her survival, as the Thirteenth Doctor told the soon to be formed Team TARDIS that her “entire family had died” a long time prior. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)


Davros tried to manipulate and hurt The Doctor when he moved the Earth to the Medusa Cascade by asking The Doctor how many people had died in his name. Jenny was one of the people The Doctor thought of, as he was unaware of her revival. (Journey’s End)

While trying to convince the Cybermen that she was The Doctor, Clara Oswald noted among his family a non-Gallifreyan daughter created via genetic transfer. (Death in Heaven)


Jenny showed a lot of the brilliance, lust for life, and the determination of her father. Though programming had made her military-minded and goal-oriented, she was too much like her father for this to dictate her actions. While at first, she showed violent intentions towards others, she soon adopted The Doctor’s values and principles, though she still retained her miltary mind. She even inherited his selflessness as shown when she took a gunshot from Cobb to save her dad.

She was delighted at the prospects of travelling in the TARDIS with her father. After her revival, she seemed very excited about travelling the universe. (The Doctor’s Daughter) She later expressed the desire to visit everywhere in the universe. (Stolen Goods)

Jenny had no intention of finding her father when first setting out on her travels. She knew that she would run into him one day when the time was right. (Zero Space)


Being biologically Gallifreyan, Jenny had two hearts, as well as reflexes, precision timing, and acrobatic ability far beyond that of an average human. At first, the Tenth Doctor flatly denied that she should be considered a Time Lord because she lacked the shared culture, code, and knowledge. However, as he later admitted to Donna, “when I look at [Jenny] now, I can see them. The hole they left, all the pain that filled it. Just don’t know if I can face that every day.” (The Doctor’s Daughter) Jenny was able to sense temporal events before they happened, and knew instinctively how to pilot The Doctor’s TARDIS. (Relative Time)


The presence of Jenny drew The Doctor’s TARDIS to Messaline, paradoxically before her creation, so that she, in effect, caused herself to exist. (The Doctor’s Daughter)


Jenny’s actress, Georgia Moffett, was notably actually the daughterof one of the Doctors, specifically Peter Davison (real name Peter Moffett). It has since been noted in many stories that clones and copies of the Doctor tend to emerge featuring the appearances of his previous incarnations. (The Hexford Invasion/Survivors in Space, Breakfast at Tyranny’s) This would explain why Jenny more closely resembles the Fifth Doctor rather than the Tenth.


Prior to November 2013, Jenny was considered a “companion presumptive”. It is clear, once The Doctor accepted her as his daughter, that she would travel with him and Donna. Her “death” ended these plans. In the Prisoners of Time comic miniseries released five years after The Doctor’s Daughter, all of the Doctor’s companions were kidnapped by Adam Mitchell. Jenny was revealed among those kidnapped, marking her inclusion as a companion. In the 2017 comic, The Lost Dimension, Jenny joined Bill Potts and Nardole as a companion of the Twelfth Doctor.


The reference book The Time Traveller’s Almanac, which is not accepted as a valid source for in-universe articles on this website, suggests that Jenny’s revival was not due to regeneration but rather the Source, as suggested by visual cues in the episode.

Although The Sun, a UK tabloid newspaper, speculated that Georgia Moffett would appear as Jenny in one of the 2009 specials, she did not make an appearance.

Steven Moffat is credited with suggesting that Jenny be brought back to life at the end of the episode. This led to rumours that Georgia Moffett was in the running to return as a companion for the Eleventh Doctor. Ultimately, Karen Gillan was cast in this role as Amy Pond.

No further television appearances of the character have been announced. Moffett did return to the franchise in other roles, providing the voice of an unrelated character named Cassie Rice in the animated serial Dreamland, and continuing to do voice work for Big Finish Productions in 2010.

In August 2013, Steven Moffat said “the door is open” for Jenny to return to the series.[1] Moffett told Doctor Who Magazine in 2015 that she was desperate to return and would be happy to play even a character with a single line, but that it was not likely, as her character had only ever been conceived as a one- off. Additionally, Russell T Davies jokingly told Steven Moffat that Jenny crashed into a moon.[2] Her solo series, Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter, begins with her crashing into a moon but surviving. The Prisoners of Time comic was Jenny’s first appearance, not including the archival footage, since her appearance in The Doctor’s Daughter. Despite being seen with the captured in The Choice, she was for some reason absent after the companions were released in the following issue, Endgame.

Her appearance in The Lost Dimension was her first major appearance since her inception. In 2018, she returned for her own Big Finish audio series: Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter.


In the Tenth Doctor’s flashbacks during Journey’s End, Jenny’s death is emphasised by being the only one that has its original sound clip attached: the sound of the shot that “killed” her.
According to the reference book The Doctor: His Lives and Times, which is not accepted as a valid source for in-universe articles on this website, after leaving Messaline Jenny met a man in a cantina who told her about how messages used to be placed in bottles and thrown into the sea. Jenny then wrote a letter to her father, explaining that she wasn’t dead and while she didn’t know how to find him, she was having fun and hoped to make him proud. She placed her letter in the bottle and hoped that one day her father would find it.

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