Jemima’s mum


The Two Masters

Main Voice Actor:

Lauren Crace


Although she only travelled with The Doctor for a brief period, Jemima will doubtless be remembered by The Doctor for a long time, as he met her during a very distinctive crisis.

Some time before meeting The Doctor, Jemima’s family were murdered by the ruthless Rocket Men, who kidnapped her and kept her as their ‘cabin boy’, essentially treating her as a slave, jokingly calling her ‘Jim’ for no other reason than to annoy her. When the Seventh Doctor materialised in the hull of one of their ships transporting grain, Jemima was sent to investigate the sudden increase in weight, with The Doctor quickly taking a liking to her as he explained that he was here to investigate the apparent collapse of reality, as this part of the universe would cease to exist in half an hour.

Although naturally sceptical of the Doctor’s claims, Jemima was intrigued by The Doctor’s story, sharing her own history with him as she asked him to help her escape. Noting that her recounted memories of her captivity must have had a significant impact on her if she could recall her past as the universe collapsed around them, The Doctor agreed to show her the universe, only for the two to run into The Master – currently in his disfigured body (“Legacy of the Daleks” and “The Two Masters”) – as he forced The Doctor to take him away as his own TARDIS had become damaged.

while she was confused at The Master’s claims about reality collapsing, Jemima accepted his decision to kill the Rocket Men between them and the TARDIS more easily than The Doctor as she recognised that they had no time to find another way, although she was not a ruthless person herself. After they had made it to the TARDIS, The Master used Jemima as a hostage to force The Doctor to take him to confront his enemy in the form of his future self, currently acting as the general in a civil war between a silicon-based race. Having materialised on board the other Master’s ship, the disfigured Master gave The Doctor a small box to deliver to his other self, claiming that he would keep Jemima as a hostage to ensure The Doctor’s compliance.

However, as soon as The Doctor had left the TARDIS to deliver the box, The Master killed Jemima with his Tissue Compression Eliminator, musing later that he wasn’t sure if this counted as killing one of the Doctor’s companions given how little time she had spent with him. As the crisis continued, The Doctor realised that the two Masters were pawns in the plans of the Cult of the Heretic, a group dedicated to the memory of a Time Lord who saw the universe as sick and sought to regenerate it, The Masters’ recent travels destabilising reality due to the paradox as the Cult transferred the past and future Masters into each other’s bodies.

Although the Cult’s plans succeeded in destroying reality, the two Masters and the Doctor were able to reach the Cult’s ship before everything else collapsed. Having killed the Cult, The Masters attempted to use the Heretic’s equipment for their own ends, but The Doctor was able to immobilise The Masters and take control of the machinery for himself. Despite being faced with the temptation to rewrite all reality to suit him, The Doctor accepted the universe as it was, with his only small change being to alter history so that the Rocket Men never kidnapped Jemima, allowing her to live a good life with her family (Although The Doctor also made sure to send the two Masters back to wherever they had been before they became involved in the Cult’s schemes).

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