Sharaz Jek

The Caves Of Androzani


Sharaz Jek

Played by:

Christopher Gable






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A former partner in the Sirius Corporation on Androzani Major, Jek was betrayed by his associate, Morgus, as they planned to gain a monopoly on the supply of the drug Spectrox, the use of which doubled someone’s lifespan.

Jek was caught in a mudburst whilst on Androzani Minor, horribly burned and disfigured.

He stayed underground there surrounded by his android army, dealing with Morgus’ gun-runners, exchanging weapons for small amounts of spectrox.

Jek had to contend with the Androzani military, who wanted him executed as an illegal arms dealer and trader in spectrox. Jek fell in love with Peri Brown when The Doctor brought her to him, as she was suffering from exposure to raw spectrox, resulting in terminal spectrox toxemia. The Doctor was also suffering and was captured by Morgus after he was ousted from power, exposed as a murderer and accomplice to Jek.

Jek told The Doctor of a cure for Peri, confronted Morgus in his base and killed him. However, one of Morgus’ gun runners shot Jek, and he died in the arms of one of his androids as his base, along with most of the spectrox, was destroyed.


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