Jasmine Pierce



Jasmine Pierce


Human, Fairy

Place of Origin:



Small Worlds

Main Actor:

Lara Phillipart


Jasmine Pierce (often referred to by her nickname Jas) was a Chosen One of the Fairies in the 21st century.

Jasmine went to Coed y Garreg Primary School. She was a very unhappy, lonely child who was bullied at school and at home. She was deeply loved by her mother Lynn, but disliked by her mother’s boyfriend Roy. Jasmine never knew her father because he left the family when she was a baby.

Unknown to everyone, Jasmine was a Chosen One, selected by the Fairies to join them in their immortality. Until she could join them, they protected her. They killed Mark Goodson, a paedophile who tried to abduct her, and Roy, after he hit her across the face. They also attacked two bullies at her school.

Jack Harkness told the Fairies to find another child, but they refused. Eventually, he had to sacrifice Jasmine to save the human race. In a Fairy-like voice, Jasmine thanked Jack and skipped away. Witnessed by her mother and the Torchwood team, she vanished in the glow of her Fairy friends, taken to the “Lost Lands” to become a Fairy herself.

She could be seen in her Fairy form in one of the Cottingley fairy photos, frozen in mid-dance, causing the authenticity of these photographs to once again come into question. (Small Worlds)

In 2009, Jack was forcibly reminded of Jasmine when faced with the prospect of sacrificing another child at the Clockhouse Hotel to stop the Rift monster. (Broken)

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