Jasdar Crick



Jasdar Crick



Place of Origin:



Chief Robotics Officer

Affiliated With:

Kaldor City Company


Andar Crick


Volar Crick

First Seen In:

The Robots of Life


Love Me Not

Main Voice Actor:

Annabelle Dowler


Overseer Jasdar Crick was the Chief Robotics Officer for the Kaldor City Company and Tula Chenka’s boss. (The Robots of Life) She was married to Roboanalyst Volar Crick and had several children with him, including a son named Andar.

The two had a difficult marriage due to Volar’s dedication to his work at the Company. Feeling that Volar was distant, she found comfort in Skellen, with whom she began an affair. He eventually confronted her, suspecting that she was having an affair, and she drove off drunk. (Love Me Not) She had an accident and was taken to Kaldor City Hospital, having suffered injuries that should have been relatively easy to treat. However, Senior Surgeon Arak Varren killed her due to her position and had SV57 take the blame.

V33 prepared her body for viewing. (The Robots of Life) She had a funeral where a number of people gave Volar bottles of wine, including Skellen, who later sent Volar SV39. Nudged towards sentience by Volar, SV39 came to believe that it was Jasdar. (Love Me Not)

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