The Janus Conjunction

The Janus Conjunction
The Janus Conjunction


The planets Janus Prime and Menda are diametrically opposed in orbit around a vast Red Giant star. But while Menda is rich and fertile in the light of the sun, Janus Prime endures everlasting night, its moon causing a permanent solar eclipse.

When The Doctor and Sam arrive on Janus Prime, they find themselves in the middle of a war between rival humans colonising the area. The planet is littered with ancient ruins, and the Mendans are using a mysterious hyperspatial link left behind by the planet’s former inhabitants. But what is its true purpose?

The Doctor and Sam must piece together a centuries-old puzzle. How can Janus Prime’s moon weigh billions of tons more than it should? Why is the planet riddled with deadly radiation? As the violence escalates around them, will the time travellers survive to discover the answers?


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  • The Janus Conjunction was the sixteenth BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. It was written by Trevor Baxendale
  • The Doctor still carries a bag of jelly babies.
  • The Link is thought to be a matter transmitter, but isn’t. It’s actually used to put Janus Prime’s moons into conjunction and destroy the solar system.
  • The Link affects space by warping in hyperspace.
  • The Doctor has in his pockets a sub-etheric beam locator.
  • Humans travelled out into the galaxies using star charts and technology left behind by the Daleks after the 22nd century Dalek invasion.
  • The Doctor states that “matter transmitters were pretty crude affairs in the early twenty-third century.”
  • Sam knows there’s a cubbyhole above the “P” of the TARDIS outside Police Box. (The TV Movie)
  • The concept of a “temporal orbit” first appeared in The TV Movie.

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