Janis Goblin



Janis Goblin



Affiliated With:

Children in Need


The Church on Ruby Road


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Janis Goblin was a goblin who sang and liked to eat children.

She once thanked a number of humans for listening to “The Goblin Song”, as all the proceeds would go to Children in Need, and that would mean that she would get to eat more children. When she realised that this was not, in fact, the case, she briefly considered promising to not eat any more children if people continued to support “The Goblin Song”, then decided against it, and asked somebody to pass her some twins, which she ate. (A Message from Janis Goblin)


She claimed to have bile in her heart. (A Message from Janis Goblin)


Her name in A Message from Janis Goblin is a play on Janis Joplin, a singer-songwriter.

Russell T Davies later clarified on Instagram that he had named the character “Janice”, at odds with the short story, as her name was a reference to the Muppet of the same name, the lead guitarist and singer in The Electric Mayhem, due to the similarity in hairstyles. He found the pun “Janis Goblin” was a funnier joke so pretended it was his.

Her singing voice is performed by Christina Rotondo.

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