Jan Rydd



Jan Rydd


Jan Rydd

First Seen In:

Prelude Love and War


Thirty Love
Love and War
Love and War

Main Voice Actor:

James Redmond

Jan Rydd, also known as Ramani Pashi and Aradrath, was a Travelleron Heaven. He was drafted to fight The Daleks but offered drugs that gave special powers to avoid fighting. As a result, Jan gained pyrokinesis.

In 2570, Jan met the time traveller Ace and began falling in love with her. Ace wanted Jan to travel with her and the Seventh Doctor in the TARDIS. However, Jan was infected by Hoothi fibres. Through The Doctor’s manipulations, Jan put Ace to sleep with a drug and tried taking a shuttle on his own to the Hoothi sphere, but Máire woke Ace and they followed Jan.

On board the shuttle, Máire betrothed Ace and Jan to be wed. Thinking that they would set the shuttle on a collision course with the sphere, Ace and Máire ejected their pods. Making contact with The Doctor and Christopher from Puterspace, Jan ignited the sphere with his pyrokinesis, killing three of the sphere’s four Hoothi and sacrificing himself. (Love and War, Love and War)

In an alternate timeline, The Doctor was able to save Jan and his fellow Travellers. So Vile a Sin)

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