Jamila Velez




Jamila Velez

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Main Actor:

Gabriela Toloi


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Jamila Velez was a vlogger in the early 2020s. Together with her best friend Gabriela Camara she ran a travel vlog Two Girls Roaming.

In the early 2020s, she visited a river in Peru with Gabriela. Jamila was disappointed to see the beach nearby covered with trash. She didn’t like the idea of camping in such polluted place, nevertheless, they have decided to stay there for a night.

In the night, Jamila couldn’t sleep because of Gabriela’s snoring. She heard noises from outside. When she left their camp, she was attacked by the birds, infected by Praxeus. Jamila was taken by the ambulance to the hospital in San Pedro and put in the quarantine area. By the time Gabriela and Ryan Sinclair could find her, she had died. After Ryan called the Thirteenth Doctor, Jamila’s body became overwhelmed by the infection and exploded. (Praxeus)

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