The Justice of Jalxar

The Justice of Jalxar
The Justice of Jalxar

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Mary Tamm (Romana), Trevor Baxter (Professor George Litefoot), Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Mark Goldthorp (Bobby Stamford), Rosanna Miles (Mary Brown), Ben Bishop (Stone), Adrian Lukis (Harvey Marsh)


they call him The Pugilist.

It is the dawn of a new century and a vigilante is on the loose. The scourge of the criminal underclass. The saviourof the virtuous and the protectorof the weak. The police are baffled, the public enamoured…  but Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago are on the case. Or at least they will be when they’ve finished their beer.

What is the source of the Pugilist’s spectacular supernatural powers? Is he alone in his noble quest? And what is his connection to the spate of corpses discovered around London?

As they descend further into a nefarious netherworld, the infernal investigators may be out of their depth. They’re going to need help if they’re to get out of this alive. The help of an old friend and his new assistant. The help… of the Doctor and Romana.


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  • The Justice of Jalxar was the fourth story in the second series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures.
  • The Doctor mentions that he recently activated the TARDIS’ randomiser. (The Armageddon Factor)
  • The Doctor wears the same outfit and deerstalker that he wore when he first met Jago and Litefoot in 1889. (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
  • The Doctor tells Jago and Litefoot that Leela is”otherwise engaged.” (The Invasion of Time)
  • The Doctor once again claims that he is 760 years old. (The Power of Kroll)
  • Romana mentions the Jalxar Peninsula.

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