Jacqueline Schaeffer



Jacqueline Schaeffer



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Anne Ridler


Jacqueline Schaeffer was the wife of Victor Schaeffer. She was a descendant of one of the founding families of Perfugium. She was a close friend of the amnesic John Smith, and told him about the local legend surrounding the house he had recently inherited, which had once belonged to her ancestor. She ran a hostel for the local homeless, but despite her charity work, she often demonstrated an elitist view towards the lower classes in private.

On the tenth anniversary of Smith’s arrival in Perfugium, Jacqueline and her husband attended a dinner in Smith’s house, during which Jacqueline warned Smith’s maid Jade about developing feelings for her master. However, during the night, the Seventh Doctor appeared at the house, and revealed that Smith was actually The Master. Jacqueline resolved to stand by Smith despite her new knowledge of his past, but this dedication was repaid when Jade revealed that she was actually the personification of Death, revealing that Jacqueline was in love with Smith and Victor was responsible for a series of brutal prostitute murders. Although The Doctor expressed hope that Smith’s love for Jacqueline would be enough to hold Death at bay from the Master, Jacqueline confirming that she had only married Victor because her mother preferred Victor as a suitor to the disfigured amnesic, Victor was so driven by rage and insanity that he killed Jacqueline rather than allow her to be with Smith.

Death turned back time to bring Jacqueline back to life, but this was part of her own deal to put Smith in a position where he would have to kill Victor to save the woman he loved, potentially starting a chain of events that would lead to Smith becoming The Master again. (Master)

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