Jabe The Tree

The End of the World



Jabe The Tree


Tree of Cheem

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The End of the World


Just Another Thursday

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Yasmin Bannerman


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Jade was the lead representative from the Forest of Cheem, who visited Platform One to witness Earth death. Her ancestors were from a tropical rainforest on Earth. She could project a liana from her wrists. She presented The Doctor with a sapling of her grandfather and later, after learning his true heritage, devoted herself to helping him save the space station. Jabe died when the sunfilters surrounding the Ventilation Chamber collapsed, burning her wooden body in seconds. (Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia)

Jabe was also a representative of the Forest of Cheem who had come to see the destruction of Earth in 5, 000, 000, 000. Upon meeting The Doctor, she also took an immediate interest in him, and, after discovering his true heritage, felt grief at the loss of an entire species, with he as the only survivor. When Platform One came under attack, she sacrificed her life valiantly, staying behind to allow The Doctor to fix the sun filters. She burnt to death under the immense heat. (The End of the World)

When Davros┬áhad made the comment every where you go someone always dies to The Doctor. Jabe appears in a flashback of beings who have died due to The Doctor. (Journey’s End)


In her brief time with The Doctor, Jabe revealed herself to be kind, gentle, clever, and brave. Of all the partygoers, it was only Jabe suspected The Doctor’s true identity, and when her suspicions were confirmed, she sought to befriend him, expressing grief over his loss and sympathy for his loneliness. She accompanied The Doctor in his quest below decks to manual restore the shields, even though she knew that her wooden body was in danger from the rising heat. In the end, she was willing to sacrifice her life to help The Doctor save the other guests on Platform One. (The End of the World)

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