I Who 2

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I Who 2


Pages 261
ISBN 1-57032-900-1
Publication Date September 2001


Earth, the 20th century. A Time Lord known as The Doctor, lacking an identity, past or agenda – but still the most dangerous man in the universe – makes our innocent blue-green planet his home through the World War years and more.

Dellah, the late 26th century. Bernice Summerfield, self-accredited academic, professional lush, agent of God and razor-honed sarcastic, holds the potential to stop universal Armageddon – if she lives.

Through all the triumphs, all the tragedies, every drop of furor-driven love, unrequited emotion and loss, I, Who 2 documents The Doctor Who original novels after the Earth-shaking Interference, the whole of the Benny books, the Big Finish audio line and more. It’s a literary and audio tapestry so vast, it takes 170, 000 words and a myriad of locations in time and space to tell this story.

The Doctor would approve.


Includes a missing chapter from The Sands of Time.
Includes analysis of BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures: The Blue Angel to Escape Velocity.
includes analysis of BBC Past Doctor Adventures: City at World’s End to Bunker Soldiers.
Includes analysis of Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories: The Sirens of Time to Minuet in Hell.
Includes analysis of all Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures (Oh No It Isn’t! to Twilight of the Gods.
Includes analysis of Big Finish Bernice Summerfield books: The Doomsday Manuscript to The Gods of the Underworld.
Also includes a page of broad analysis of the Big Finish audio drama adapteditions of the Virgin Bernice Summerfield stories.
There is a Novelist Round Table of authors. Lars Pearson has asked questions of the authors including: Peter Anghelides, Alan Barnes, Jonathan Blum, Stephen Cole, Andy Lane, Lawrence Miles, Jonathan Morris, Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Jacqueline Rayner, Justin Richards, Gary Russell, Keith Topping, Nick Walters.
Also includes an analysis of: The Masters of Luxor, Death Comes to Time (First Episode), The Curse of Fatal Death and Jim Mortimore’s BBC Books rejected Campaign.

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