Iterations of I

Iterations of I
Iterations of I
Iterations of I

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Sinead Keenan (Aoife), Joseph Radcliffe (Jerome Khan), Andrew Macklin (Robert DeValley), Teddy Kempner (Donal Dineen), Allison McKenzie (Imogen Frazer). Other parts played by members of the cast.


The house on Fleming’s Island had been left to rot. Ever since a strange and unexplained death soon after it was built, and plagued with troubling rumours about what lurked there, it remained empty and ignored for decades until the Cult moved in. As twenty people filled its many rooms, the eerie building seemed to be getting a new lease of life.

But now it is empty again. The cult found something in its corridors… and then vanished.

Trapped on the island one dark night, The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric look into the building’s mysteries, its stories of madness and death. Their only chance is to understand what terrible thing has been disturbed here… before it consumes them utterly.


The computers in the house on Fleming’s Island have a capacity of two Megahertz. Fifth Doctor correctly dates them to the early 1980s.
Jerome Khan studies English while his girlfriend Imogen Frazer studies Maths. Both attend university in London.
Tegan describes Fifth Doctor and Adric‘s bickering as “the ‘Elementary, Dear Watson’ routine.”
Tegan refers to the Loch Ness Monster.
Neither Tegan nor Nyssa believe in ghosts.
Branwell Damien Fleming was born in 1878 and died in 1935.
Sinead Iona Fleming was born in 1905 and died in 1930.
Martin Tuck was born in 1962 and died in August 1981.
Robert DeValley and Aoife Dineen went to school together.
In 1980, a cult, which believed that God was an impossibly long number, took up residence on Fleming’s Island.
DeValley refers to Adric as “pyjama game.”
This story was recorded on 13 and 14 November 2013 at The Moat Studios.
Adric refers to the fact that he once piloted the TARDIS (The Visitation) while Tegan reminds him that she once did as well (Castrovalva). In piloting it, Adric activates the Synchronic feedback circuit. (The Pirate Planet)
Fifth Doctor is in the TARDIS library reading Black Orchid by George Cranleigh, which was given to him by the author’s mother Lady Madge Cranleigh on 11 June 1925. (Black Orchid) He would later describe it as being very interesting. (Earthshock). His sixth incarnation was less fond of the book, describing it as “a Boy’s Own adventure about an aristocrat who yomped through the Brazilian rainforests, depriving the natives of their orchids.” (Year of the Pig)
Adric attempts to materialise the TARDIS at Heathrow Airport in 1981, as Fifth Doctor had failed to do on numerous previous occasions. (Four to Doomsday, Kinda, The Visitation); Psychodrome, Smoke and Mirrors) He would later attempt it again after another argument with Tegan. (The Contingency Club)
Adric refers to the Logopolitans’ use of computers to warp space-time. (Logopolis)
Fifth Doctor laments the destruction of his sonic screwdriver by the Terileptil leader in September 1666. (The Visitation)
Nyssa refers to the death of her father Tremas at the hands of The Master. (The Keeper of Traken)
Tegan tells Fifth Doctor that she has not been able to keep up with him since he had”curly hair and a scarf.” (Logopolis)
Tegan refers to Agatha Christie. During his tenth incarnation, Fifth Doctor and Donna Noble met Christie at Eddison Manor on 8 December 1926. (The Unicorn and the Wasp)
Adric refers to the fact that Alzarians heal much more quickly than humans. (Full Circle, The Visitation)


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