The Panda Invasion

The Panda Invasion
The Panda Invasion

Regular Cast

Katy Manning (Iris Wildthyme), David Benson (Panda), Toby Longworth (Lionel Pandeau), Sean Carlsen (Dr George Strangeways)


She’s back… and it’s about gin!

When an unconscious Iris Wildthyme is rushed into a San Francisco hospital on New Year’s Eve 1999, hunky doctor George Strangeways’ life is turned upside down and inside out.

As the world prepares to party its way into the next millennium, a space time rift opens above the Golden Gate Bridge – where an old fashioned London bus has appeared… While the rift spills untold horrors from other dimensions into our world, Iris has just one question: where the ‘eck is Panda?!



  • The Panda Invasion was the sixth release in the Iris Wildthyme audio series
  • By spilling gin into the bus’s controls and out into the space time vortex, alternate realities are opened.
  • Iris Wildthyme has two livers.
  • Frustrated, Panda wishes that he asked for an iPod instead of a trip to San Francisco.
  • Iris has a grandson named Steven and a nephew and niece named Jimmy and Jenny.
  • Iris claimed that the last time that she was in San Francisco, she brought two humpback whales back to the future in order to save Earth.
  • It is possible that Iris is taken to Walker General Hospital, the same one in which the Seventh Doctor is then regenerating. In her case, The Doctors on staff are puzzled by the two livers that show up on her X-rays, just as Dr. Grace Holloway was perplexed by The Doctor’s binary vascular system. (The TV Movie)


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