Iris Wildtyme: Complete Series 2

Iris Wildtyme Complete Series 2
Iris Wildtyme: Complete Series 2

Regular Cast

Katy Manning (Iris Wildthyme), Ortis Deley (Tom)


The complete second series of adventures in time, space and the little bits in-between for transtemporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme and her faithful companion Panda, created by novelist Paul Magrs

The Sound of Fear

With her red London bus on course for the future, Iris runs slap-bang into the past! Materialising aboard Radio Yesterday, a space station broadcasting golden oldies to Earth’s colonies, Panda finds something sinister in the air-conditioning and Iris comes face to face with her long-lost husband… (no, really!) As Iris, Panda and the crew of Radio Yesterday experience the true powerof music, the evil Naxian hordes are poised to transmit a groovy message of death… to the entire galaxy!

The Land of Wonder

Exiled to Earth by her mysterious superiors, Iris has been amusing herself and Panda by working for MIAOW, the Ministry for Alien Incursions and Other Wonders. When a certain Professor Ramsbottom and his lovely assistant Audrey unearth a weird vehicle under a London railway station, Ms Wildthyme and her art critic chum are on the scene pretty sharpish.

Among anachronistic skulls and crockery they discover the still-living forms of utterly perplexing, alien creatures. And, before you can say ‘Jabberwocky’ Iris and her friends are on a mind-boggling voyage into a groovy Wonderland deep, deep beneath the Earth’s crust…

The Two Irises

Iris is dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. She sacrificed herself to save her best friend, Panda, then exploded inside her time-travelling bus.

On Earth in the year 2108, the North Bloc and the South Bloc teeteron the edge of terrible nuclear war. The fate of the whole world rests on a not-very-good disco in Spain. One run by the dastardly alien Naxians…

Iris Wildthyme is as dead as a doornail. But her new incarnation is going to have to get stuck in. Poor bloke doesn’t stand a chance.

The Panda Invasion

San Francisco, New Year’s Eve, 1999

She’s back, and it’s about… gin!

When an unconscious Iris Wildthyme is rushed into a San Francisco hospital on New Year’s Eve 1999, hunky doctor George Strangeways’ life is turned upside down.

As the world prepares to party its way into the next millennium, a space time rift opens above the Golden Gate Bridge – where an old fashioned London bus has appeared… As the rift spills untold horrors from other dimensions into our world, Iris has just one question: where the ‘eck is Panda?!

The Claws of Santa

It’s going to be a blue Christmas for Iris Wildthyme. Her best friend, Panda, is lost in time and space and the only festive cheer she can find is at the bottom of a glass. If that wasn’t enough, this year’s numberone toy is trying to kill her!

From a futuristic planet-sized shopping mall to the frozen wastes of the North Pole, the search for Panda leads Iris to a fiendish plot that threatens to ruin Christmas for the entire multiverse. With only a jobsworth security droid to help, Iris turns to the one man who can save the season of goodwill – Saint Nick himself. There’s just one snag, Santa Claus is a broken man…

Starring Katy Manning (The TV Movie) and David Benson


  • Iris Wildtyme The Second Series Box Set contained The Sound of Fear, The Land of Wonder, The Two Irises and the Panda Invasion

    Written by: Various
    Director: Gary Russell
    Sound Design: David Darlington
    Music: David Darlington
    Cover Art: Anthony Dry
    Number of Discs: 4
    Duration: 240′ approx
    ISBN: 978-1-84435-370-5
    Production Code: BFPNWCD00
    Recorded Dates: Various Dates
    Recorded At: The Moat Studios


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