The Invasion

The Invasion

The Invasion


Patrick Troughton’s Doctor encounters the Cybermen in London in this classic soundtrack adventure, narrated by Frazer Hines
“We must destroy life onearth completely. Every living being.”

Arriving on Earth in 1975, The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover that the component manufacturers International Electromatics has a vice-like grip on the world’s technology. When he encounters the firm’s company director, The Doctor realises that there is something very odd about Tobias Vaughan…

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is also aware of unusual activity within International Electomatics, and before long UNIT has the help of the Doctorin its investigations.

Vaughan is in fact in alliance with the Cybermen, and together they are masterminding an aggressive invasion of Earth. The ubiquitous IE technology is set to paralyse the planet’s population, whilst the sewers of London are being used as a refuge in which the Cyber forces are massing, ready to burst out upon an unsuspecting world.

If The Doctor and his friends are to defeat both Vaughan and the invasion, they must risk life and limb in an adventure of epic proportions.

In an exclusive bonus interview, Frazer Hines – who also narrates this soundtrack adventure – recalls his experiences of playing Jamie in Doctor Who.

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