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Innocet was older than The Doctor, they were very close when they were young. The Doctor recalled her as the only member of his family who was kind to him. They played together in the fields and forests around their home. She later came to detest The Doctor after he left Gallifrey when she was tricked into believing he had killed Quences. Her relationship with The Doctor improved greatly after he proved his innocence and helped his Family, the two said good-bye with mutual respect. Innocet defended Owis, the Cousin generated to ‘replace’ The Doctor after he was disowned. She made his upbringing her personal responsibility (although she seemed to have some moral disagreements with how Owis came to be). She greatly disapproved of her Cousin Glospin and his behaviour.


The Seventh Doctor tends to Innocet in the House of Lungbarrow. (Lungbarrow)

Innocet was a tall woman with red-brown hair. She had a thin face, lined from stress, though she exuded an aura of sternness. During the six hundred and seventy-three years when Lungbarrow was buried and forgotten, Innocet refused to cut her hair, but weaved it into a single braid. This was so long, its end was still red-brown (the colourof her hair in her youth) but became darker in the middle, then grey, and her roots were pure white. To carry all her hair, she wound it into a bun that was too large and heavy to fit on her head, so she carried it on her back. The mass of her hair was so large she could not sit properly in a backed chair, she perched instead on stools.

The Seventh Doctor cut off her braid as Innocet died. After regenerating, Innocet had a much more youthful appearance, with short, brown hair. She was shorter than before and her face was fuller, though her personality remained largely unchanged.


Innocet was a very intelligent woman with great strength of character. She served as an anchoring point for the people around her. When tragedy befell her family, she took it upon herself to hold them together. Innocet had a highly refined sense of right and wrong, and took care to act fairly. She curbed her own emotions and was a rational thinker at all times. After Innocet had decided on a course of action, there was very little that could stop her. After the House of Lungbarrow was destroyed by the insanity of Housekeeper Satthralope, Innocet was named the new Housekeeper, and the Doctor presented her with a seed from which a new House of Lungbarrow could be grown. She was thrilled to be given this position.

Innocet could build a house out of Drat cards and use her telekinesis to hold the cards together until she was finishedat that point, she would let go of the house, and when it collapsed she was able to foresee omens of the future in the pattern of the fallen cards. (Lungbarrow)

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