About DWW

Doctor Who World was originally called Andrew’s Doctor Who site which was originally a school project. Since 2000 it got appeal from people to keep it going due to the ongoing releases from Big Finish, the recent web casts and more and now the show is back on it has been more popular than ever.

It started in 1999 on a free hosting with an ISP provider but then I decided to move it to a domain in 2002.

The site started off with 65 pages and now has over 3000. I would like to thank you all for your support over the years and hope the site can continue to be a success.

Below are screengrabs of DWW over the years, I hope this brings back memories for some of you.

DWW Version One DWW Version Two

DWW Version Three
Started off in MS Word

Use of MS Frontpage

Move to Dreamweaver
DWW Version Three DWW Version Four

DWW Version Six
Move to Content Management – Etomite
New Forum PHPBB
DWW Version Seven DWW Version Nine

DWW Version Eleven

A move to WordPress


Aiming for the mobile responsive audiences

2019 present
Aimed more designs mobile responsive audiences/devices
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