Mission Impratical

Mission Impractical
Mission Impractical

When daring criminal Jack Chance masterminds the heist of a precious national treasure from the planet Veltroch, it is the first step in a chain of events that could lead to the destruction of two civilisations…

A missing artifact, stolen ten years ago, is about to provoke a war that will decimate the population of Vandor Prime. The Doctor and Frobisher are persuaded to help, and so re-assemble the team that originally stole it. Whilst trying to pull off the crime of the century, The Doctor is also aware that two highly paid and highly competent assassins are on his tail, put there by a shadowy figure with a grudge. And then there are the Ogrons…

Pursued by bounty hunters, the Sixth Doctor and his shapeshifting companion Frobisher run into old acquaintances Glitz and Dibber – notorious rogues who have become involved in something big: a covert government agency on Vandor Prime is forcing the pair to turn their criminal talents to its own ends.

The Doctor and Frobisher are soon drawn into the mysterious scheme themselves – but what game is truly being played by the authorities? How is the group of Ogron raiders involved? And who is so desperate to see The Doctor dead?

Caught in a web of deceit and pursued by ruthless killers, The Doctor’s mission – should he decide to accept it – is to join Glitz’s gang and pull off the crime of the century. And failure will result in an interstellar war costing the lives of millions…


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  • Mission Impratical was the twelfth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It was the first BBC Books novel to feature a character created in another medium – Frobisher, who first appeared in Doctor Who Magazine’s comic stories alongsidethe Sixth Doctor and Seventh Doctor. As the cover indicates, this story also features Sabalom Glitz.
  • The Doctor hasn’t met his future companion Melanie Bush yet.
  • Zimmerman is actually The Valeyard.
  • The “walking mountains” are located on the planet Haskor
  • Dibber is killed, which explains why The Doctor does not ask after him on Svartos. (Dragonfire)
  • This was the first full-length story featuring Frobisher to be published in a non-comic medium.
  • This story takes place between Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani, after Killing Ground and before Business Unusual [and between the comic strips War Game and Funhouse], and during the same period as The Holy Terror and The Maltese Penguin.
  • The TARDIS’ state of temporal grace is currently functioning (see The Hand of Fear, Arc of Infinity). The Doctor is able to dematerialise from around Sha’ol and Karthak, since their means of penetrating the TARDIS defence shields results in them being not fully in phase with the interior dimensions. The TARDIS is impervious to diamond and borazon drills, thermic lances, sonic lances, and laser cutters
  • The Seven Hundred Wonders of the Universe include the walking mountains on Haskor, the great Sphinx on Mars (see Godengine), and Star Wars on the big screen. Spaceships mentioned here include a Solardyne 200. Frobisher considers drunken Walarians to be untrustworthy. There is a reference to Kaldanians. There are shipyards on Teal Alpha. Zimmerman arranges to meet Sh’aol and Karthakh in the Katana System. They later take a job in the Xotac System. Oblio I is a planet in the Oblio System

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