The Rings of Ikiria

The Rings of Ikiria

The Rings of Ikiria

Regular Cast

Richard Franklin (Mike Yates), Felicity Duncan (Ikiria)


UNIT is accustomed to dealing with visitors from space, but nothing has prepared them for Ikiria, an alien artist bearing gifts. Could Ikiria’s designs be something more than aesthetic?

As the Brigadier turns against him, Mike Yates goes on the run. Can he save the world? Or will he just learn an important lesson in betrayal?


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  • The Rings of Ikiria was the fifty-sixth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range
  • Mike states that he felt that he belonged when he was a member of UNIT. It was a great sign of comfort and security to him. Furthermore, he claims that he trusted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart more than any man that he had ever met.
  • During his early days with UNIT, Mike rented a one bedroom flat in Clapham. He had few personal belongings, including several records and a record player.
  • In his childhood, Mike attended prep school before being sent to public school and joining the British Army.
  • The Doctor tells the Brigadierthat he deciphered the Rosetta Stone. Mike claims that the former looked at the latter”as if he were a particularly stupid child.”
  • This audio drama was recorded on 21 March 2012.
  • Corporal Jean Mercer asks Mike if there are “more freaky lizards hell bent on wiping out mankind.” He believes that she had been his driver during the Silurian clean-up but, in reality, she was a psychic projection created by Ikiria using his memories as a reference. (Doctor Who and the Silurians)

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