Ida Scott

The Satan Pit



Ida Scott



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Impossible Planet


The Satan Pit

Main Actor:

Claire Rushbrook


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Ida Scott was the science officerof the Walker Expedition crew on Krop Tor researching the black hole known as K37 Gem 5.
Ida didn’t consider herself having any sort of faith, she was brought up Neoclassic Congregational because of her mum, but she “never believed”. She referred to her mum longingly as “my old mum”. (The Satan Pit)

On Krop Tor, Ida was researching the previous civilisation who enabled Krop Tor to orbit a black hole and trying to discover the power source that was holding the planet in orbit. She also accompanied the Tenth Doctor down into the pit within the planet. According to the Beast, she was running from her father. The Doctor and Ida discovered a “trapdoor” that led further into the planet which began to open. (The Impossible Planet)

While Ida was sitting next to the trapdoor, waiting for contact from The Doctor after he fell to the bottom of the pit, she was rendered unconscious and suffered mild oxygen starvasion when heroxygen supply ran out. She was rescued by The Doctor and reunited with her crew after the rocket was beyond the reach of the black hole. (The Satan Pit)


Ida Scott was very self-confident. She had the ability to command a ship. She acted tough and still maintained calmness and control when she learned that they would soon run out of air, with no way of escape, but pled to The Doctor that he mustn’t go because she didn’t want to die on her own.
She also was faithful to her crew and found it hard to believe that one of the members of her crew had attacked, and tried to kill, other members. She also grew faithful and loyal to The Doctor and Rose and she started to take orders from them, especially when she and the Doctor were alone in the pit. (The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit)

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