The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors
The Ice Warriors

Patrick Troughton stars as the second Doctor in this remastered original soundtrack of his first ever encounter with the Ice Warriors, with linking narration by Frazer Hines
“5000 years of history…crushed beneath a moving mountain of ice.”

The TARDIS crew materialise in an England of the future, and find Earth in the grip of a new Ice Age. A team of scientists, under the guidance of Leader Clent, is managing to hold back the advance of huge glaciers – but it’s only a matter of time before the ice wins through.

A giant humanoid creature is found embedded in the glacier and is unwittingly revived. The alien identifies itself as Varga, and he leads a group of warriors who landed from Mars centuries before. With their home planet long dead, the Ice Warriors now intend to conquer Earth.

Clent’s dependence on logic hampers resistance to the invaders, as the all-important base computer breaks down. The renegade scientist Penley could possibly help the situation – but will his pride allow it? Ultimately, only this small band of humans, aided by The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria, can hope to stop the might of the Ice Warriors.

This CD release also features a short bonus interview with Frazer Hines, plus the original BBC trailer for the next story, The Enemy of the World.

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