Ibrahim Namin

Pyramids of Mars



Ibrahim Namin



Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Cult of the Black Pyramid


Pyramids of Mars

Main Actor:

Peter Mayock


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Ibrahim Namin was a High Priest of the Cult of the Black Pyramid.

Like his ancestors for thousands of years, he was dedicated from birth to carrying out the proper ceremonies and protecting the Black Pyramid according to the instructions of the Great Ones. When Marcus Scarman’s expedition disturbed the Black Pyramid, Namin and his fellow priests immediately killed Ahmed and the other workers, but they were too late to stop the Pyramid from being desecrated.

However, upon entering the Pyramid, Namin was told by Sutekh that the opening of the Pyramid had been part of the Great Ones’ plan. Sutekh gave him new orders to follow Scarman to England and protect the relics there. (Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars)

In 1911, he took over Marcus Scarman’s house and prepared it for his master’s arrival. He had a mummy kill Collins and tried to shoot Dr Warlock, but was stopped by the Fourth Doctor, causing Warlock to only be wounded. When Marcus Scarman, now an undead servant of Sutekh, returned to his house, he killed Namin. (Pyramids of Mars)

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