I Who

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I Who


Pages 368
ISBN 0-9673746-0-X
Publication Date 1 October 1999


The Doctor, Time’s Champion. The Eighth Man Bound. The Ka Faraq Gatri. No matter where he goes, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot help but effect change. And now, I, Who properly chronicles the escapades of the Doctor and his companions in dozens of original Who novels published since 1991.

Can The Doctor find intimacy…if he can’t be intimate? Will Benny discover true happiness…at the bottom of her hip flask? Which of the Doctor’s companions will kill dozens of people by kicking a pop can? It’s the ultimate reference guide to almost 40, 000 pages of original novels, after which The Doctor will never be the same.

And neither will you.


I, Who covers all the Virgin New Adventures (up to Lungbarrow) and all the Virgin Missing Adventures (including Who Killed Kennedy).
I, Who includes all the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures up to Interference – Book Two and all the BBC Past Doctor Adventures up to The Final Sanction.
There is an introduction by Sylvester McCoy.
There is a Novelist Round Table of authors. Lars Pearson has asked questions of the authors, including: Jonathan Blum, Paul Cornell, Craig Hinton, Andy Lane, Steve Lyons, David A. McIntee, Jim Mortimore, Lawrence Miles, Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Justin Richards and Gary Russell.
The book also contains various”Behind the Scenes” information pages and unique artwork for each of the Doctors.
at the end of the book is a table listing sequels to various books and a second table entitled”Companions Where are they now?”

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