Verbatim Six

First Seen In:



Find and Replace

Main Voice Actor:

Alex Lowe


Huxley was a novelisor from Verbatim Six who met the Third and Fifth Doctors and Jo Grant, Tegan Jovanka, Vislor Turlough and Iris Wildthyme. (Ringpullworld, Find and Replace)

Turlough thought that Huxley looked like Hippo from his school days. He was novelising his life, and met him on the way to the Ringpull. His colleagues were novelising Tegan and the Doctor, and was jealous of Joyce being The Doctor’s novelliser, but liked how Wolfe novelised Tegan. Turlough was annoyed at his prose style. Whereas Huxley got annoyed at Turlough’s exact descriptions of the situations. He told him about the future. (Ringpullworld)

He later tried to novelise Jo Grant, but he got it wrong as he thought that Jo travelled with Iris Wildthyme, not the Third Doctor, and worked for MIAOW, not UNIT. He met her in Selfridges. He placed her in a time bubble. He tried to convince Jo that she was brainwashed to forget Iris and that The Doctor was a cover story. Iris captured him and took him to the 1970s to show him the truth. (Find and Replace)

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