Hunters of the Burning Stone

Hunters of the Burning Stone
Collected Eleventh Doctor Comic Strips – Volume 3
Join The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams on their amazing adventures in space and time, in these exceptional collected comics from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine!
Featuring three amazing stories: The Broken Man, Imaginary Enemies and the 50th anniversary special Hunters of the Burning Stone!

“What is buried in Man?”

It is a question that has echoed through the centuries, one The Doctor has been told he must answer – or disaster will fall. The time-travellers are pulled into a deadly game of espionage in 1989 Czechoslovakia. An alien menace is resurrected, and history itself is threatened…

The creatures that have manipulated humanity for millennia are revealed, and the Doctor is re-united with his first companionsIan Chesterton and Barbara Wright…
PLUS! A bumper commentary section where the writers, artists and ors reveal the stories behind the strips! featuring never-before-published artwork, original story outlines and much more!

An essential collection for fans of Doctor Who and classic British comics!

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