Humanoid Daleks



Humanoid Daleks

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Genesis of Evil
Legacy of Yesteryear


The Humanoid Daleks were a Skarosian species, who, after a discharge of neutron bombs, mutated into the “machine Daleks”.


These Daleks were short, under-developed, blue-skinned humanoids with sparse white hair and disproportionately large heads. One of these Daleks, Yarvelling, described the machine Daleks as a thousand times more intelligent than himself and his ally Zolfian.


These Daleks originated on Dalazar, situated across the Ocean of Ooze from the home of their enemies, the Thals. The Daleks had a pacifist leader, Drenz, whom the warlord Zolfian personally murdered publicly in order to start using neutron bombs on the Thals and use the new Daleks war machines against the survivors. Two weeks after the factories of Dalazar commenced production of the war machines, a meteorite strike started a fire in the factories which spread and caused the detonation of the neutron bombs.

Over the course of two years, radiation mutated the survivors. One used a war machine as transport, making himself into the first “machine Dalek”. When Yarvelling and Zolfian emerged from their fallout shelter, the machine Dalek set them to work on production of more war machines until they died of radiation sickness. (Genesis of Evil)

In the time of the Dalek Empire, The Daleks found three pre-war humanoid Daleks In suspended animation and revived them. These humanoid Daleks called their cyborg counterparts “metal Daleks”, but kept the secret of the existence of Earth. (Legacy of Yesteryear)


The history of the humanoid Daleks does not mesh very well with other accounts of the creation of the Daleks. Only this account describes the ancestors of the Daleks as also calling themselves Daleks, as opposed to Kaleds or Dals.

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