Regular Cast

Ian McNeice (Winston Churchill), Jo Stone-Fewings (Major Wheatley) Amerjit Deu (The Swami), Stewart Scudamore (Danvers). Other parts played by members of the cast.


In the dark days of 1941, Britain is in the midst of war. Churchill must stand strong against the might of the enemy – but he is plagued by a darkness in his own psyche. Something he calls ‘the Black Dog’.

Can a visiting Swami hold the answer to his troubles? And can Hetty Warner prevent the Prime Minister’s adversaries from taking advantage of the situation?

Across London, The Tenth Doctor’s arrival may be the nation’s only hope – but the Time Lord’s plan to help his friend is endangered when he finds himself declared a traitor by the agents of the country he has come to protect…


Hounded was the second story in The Churchill Years: Volume One. It featured the Tenth Doctor.
Churchill compares the black dog to the Baskerville hound from a Basil Rathbone picture.
This story was recorded on 27-28 July & 30 July-31 July 2015.
The story uses the Series 4 theme music.
Churchill writes the words “blood, sweat and toil”, the Sixth Doctor claimed to have said those words to him. (The Ultimate Adventure)
Churchill says that he works long into the night. (The Oncoming Storm)
Hetty is still employed as Churchill’s secretary. (The Oncoming Storm)


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