Main Alias:

Nathaniel Hume


Time Lord

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Alien Bodies


The Taking of Planet 5


Homunculette was a Time Lord from the War in Heaven.

He was trained by the War Cardinals on Gallifrey XII. (Alien Bodies)

Homunculette was involved in a disastrous attempt to incite the locals of the planet Delphon into rebellion against the Enemy. Later, on Gallifrey Eight, the Lord President sent him on a mission to investigate the Elder Things under the alias “Professor Nathaniel Hume”. (The Taking of Planet 5)

Half a millennium into the War, Homunculette was charged with finding the Relic. After much time searching through Earth’s history, he attempted to buy the Relic from the Black Man in 2169, then attended Qixotl’s auction in the Unthinkable City.

His Type 103 TARDIS and companion, Marie, was injured at the auction. At the same auction he expressed his disgust with Faction Paradox. (Alien Bodies)

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