The Hollow Men

The Hollow Men
The Hollow Men


The village was cursed centuries ago, but only now is the alien evil beginning to revive…

The children of Hexen Bridge are gifted and clever, but insanity and murder follow in their wake. The Doctor has a special interest in the village, but on his return to England in the early twenty-first century, events seem to be escalating out of control.

Kidnapped and taken to Liverpool, the Seventh Doctor realises that developments in Hexen Bridge have horrifying repercussions for the rest of the country. Ace is left in the village, where small-minded prejudices and unsettled scores are flaring into violence.

As scarecrows fashioned from the bodies of the recent and ancient dead stalk the country lanes around Hexen Bridge, a sinister dark stain is spreading over the surrounding fields. And as the fierce evil grows ever stronger, can The Doctor and Ace prevent it from engulfing the entire world?


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  • The Hollow Men was the tenth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace. It was the second Seventh Doctor and Ace novel of the PDA range.
  • The Doctor first became aware of an alien presence in Hexen Bridge during the aftermath of the Devil’s End incident. (The Daemons) After his adventure in Little Hodcombe, The Doctor, with the help of Jane Hampden, acquired a place on the board of governors at Hexen Bridge School so that he could keep an eye on the area. (The Awakening)

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