Main Aliases:

Thomas Smith



Place of Origin:





Hilda Sch ofield


Cassandra Sch ofield


Hex’s father




Sally Morgan


Sally’s father
Sally’s mother

First Mentioned In:

Project: Twilght

First Seen In:

The Harvest


Night Thoughts
The Veiled Leopard
The Settling
No Man’s Land
The 100 Days of the Doctor
The Dark Husband
False Gods
Order of Simplicity
Casualties of War
The Word Lord
The Magic Mousetrap
Enemy of the Daleks
The Angel of Scutari
Project: Destiny
A Death in the Family
Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge
Protect and Survive
Black and White
Gods and Monsters
Revenge of the Swarm
Mask of Tragedy
Signs and Wonders
Shadow Planet / World Apart
Muse of Fire
The Flying Dutchman / Displaced
Big Bang Generation
These Things Take Time
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac
Natalie’s Diary
The Report

Main Voice Actor:

Philip Olivier


Thomas Hector “Hex” Sch ofield was a companion of the Seventh Doctor.

A staff nurse, Hex met The Doctor and Ace at St Gart’s Brookside Hospital in 2021 and joined them on their travels, eventually learning of the Doctor’s connection to his mother. After dealing with total memory loss, Hex settled down and started a family with Sally Morgan.


Thomas Hector Sch ofield, known to his family as Tommy, (Project: Twilight) was born on 12 October 1998 to Cassie Sch ofield. Whilst his official documentation at his workplace listed his birthplace as Stalybridge, (The Harvest) he was born at Royal Bolton Hospital, the same hospital that his mother was born at. (Project: Destiny)

As Cassie was still at school when she gave birth, she left Tommy with her mother, Hilda, in Liverpool, going to London to make her fortune with the intention of eventually returning to her son. (Project: Twilight) However, she was reported missing on 23 August 2001. (Project: Destiny) Tommy grew up at 53 Gerard Street (Signs and Wonders) under the belief that Hilda was his mother until he was six. (Night Thoughts) He was raised Catholic and had a St Christopher’s with his initials engraved, incorrectly, as “H.T.” (Signs and Wonders) At some point, he began to be known as Hex. (The Harvest, etc.)

Hex told Sue that he did not know who his father was. (Night Thoughts) However, that did not seem to be the case. His father was a dock worker (LIVE 34, The Veiled Leopard) who once took him shooting, a rare attempt at father/son bonding that Hex hated every minute of. (Dreamtime) After his father was forced to accept redundancy following a strike, Hilda advised Hex to find a job that there would always be a need for. (LIVE 34) His father never said much about Cassie. (No Man’s Land)

When he was a child, Hilda took him to the seaside every summer. Looking at the sea always made him feel insignificant. (World Apart) He was educated in Aigburth (The Harvest) and once went on a school trip to Venice, but thought that everything was wet and smelled like rubbish. (Nocturne) He was once caught covering the mural outside his community centre with graffiti. (The Dark Husband) He was a Boy Scout. (The Flying Dutchman)

Hex did a history project Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War. The week of the assignment, the careers officer came around and, when Hex was asked what career he wanted to do, the thing that came to mind was Florence Nightingale and he answered with nursing. (The Angel of Scutari)

Hex studied medicine in Middlesex and became a nurse. At the age of twenty-one, he moved to Shoreditch, London where he shared a flat with bike courier Damien “Dammo” Boyd. (The Harvest) He took with him his only photograph of his mother. (No Man’s Land) Hex got a job at St Gart’s Brookside Hospital and, by 2021, was no longer living with Dammo, although they remained friends.

Hex worked in A&E and befriended Dr Mark Mathias. (The Harvest) Hex and his friends went to the White Rabbit every Friday, (Project: Destiny) as well as on Saturdays to blow off steam. (Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast)


In October 2021, Hex became acquainted with Ace and was attracted to her. After stumbling upon the C-Programme, he followed her and, after seeing her enter the TARDIS, demanded to know what was going on. In answer, she let him in and introduced him to the Seventh Doctor. He assisted the two in their investigation into what transpired to be reverse-engineered Cyber-Technology and was especially shaken upon finding that Dammo’s body had been mutilated for the Cyber cause. Afterwards, Ace convinced The Doctor that Hex should join them on their travels. (The Harvest) Unbeknownst to Hex, The Doctor knew of his parentage and his mother’s fate, which he chose to keep from him. (Project: Destiny, etc.)


Hex’s first adventure in the TARDIS was to Armstrong’s Colony in the far future where they answered Baron Denton de Kay Leigh’s call for help. Hex found himself experiencing odd time shifts due to The Doctor’s tracker. Once the timeline was restored, they chose not to answer the Baron’s call. (These Things Take Time, The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac)

Hex’s next adventure was to Uluru City where he came across his first spaceship and met the Galyari. He used Wahn’s knowledge of the dreamtime to communicate with the sleeping Doctor and wake him up. (Dreamtime) The Doctor defeated the Cragvar not long after Hex joined (Afterlife) and the three helped Henry Bergson become a biologist, preventing a Kellenian invasion. (Presence)

On Colony 34, he worked as a paramedic and was interviewed by Charlotte Singh for LIVE 34, discovering a mass grave beneath a house. He, The Doctor and Ace managed to expose the fake Premier Jaeger. (LIVE 34)

When the TARDIS landed on the Isabella only to discover it empty, Hex felt sea sick. He helped The Doctor to investigate what was happening on the ship. (The Flying Dutchman)

He argued with The Doctor after their last escapade. They then landed in a house in Norfolk which seemed abandoned. Hex discovered the belongings of Albie Tungate and Samantha Tungate and assumed that they had died. He also found a lot of adoption papers and land deeds. As Ace and Hex were dying of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, they discovered that George Colbert had murdered the house’s original inhabitants for the land they had. (Displaced)

On Gravonax Island in 2006, Hex helped investigate the time travel experiments and was traumatised after discovering Joe Hartley’s body. He comforted Sue and bonded over their similar upbringings. (Night Thoughts)

To teach Hex, The Doctor took him and Ace to Drogheda where he met Oliver Cromwell and helped Jonathan Goddard care for the injured. Because of his actions and apparent betrayal, Cromwell had Hex hanged. Ace managed to get Cromwell to see sense and Hex was cut free of the noose. He was greatly affected by the massacre and questioned The Doctor’s morality. (The Settling)

Upon landing in the First World War, the TARDIS crew were caught in a blast and taken to Charnage Hospital, after which Hex was tortured and subjected to brainwashing by Sergeant Wood, an operative of the Forge. He was angry with The Doctor for taking them from one war to another. (No Man’s Land)

In 1922 Paris, Hex met and befriended Iris Wildthyme and volunteered as a nude model. He met Salvador Dalí while he was chucking his paintings into the Seine and told The Doctor of this. Isobel Archer thanked him in helping her husband. Hex realised that there was something was wrong with Isobel, and realised that this was due to her pregnancy. Iris tried to convince him to help her, and he got all the artists out of the Salon when Dora Muse came after them. (Muse of Fire)

After escaping from a snot monster, which covered Hex in snot, the TARDIS crew landed on Tuin for the twin moon festival. Hex volunteered to marry Ace as the Dark Husband after The Doctor pulled out, which allowed them to discover that the planet was sentient. (The Dark Husband) He later met Howard Carter and heard a voice that claimed to belong to Thoth, whom they later found was a Time Lord using the name Jane Templeton. (False Gods)

The Doctor, Ace and Hex travelled to the island of Mendolovinia in 33 AD to help solve a code, but fell into a trap laid by the Order of Simplicity. (Order of Simplicity) They later tracked an alien artefact to May Carlisle’s house, where Hex had to chase Joey Carlisle to retrieve it. Joey almost made The Doctor tell Hex the truth about Cassie. (Casualties of War) Hex was interrogated by James Hurst as a potential murderer and helped The Doctor investigate and thwart the Word Lord Nobody No-One. (The Word Lord)

Landing in Unity at Ace’s request, he went through the psychological process that was on offer there. His shadow self attacked him before escaping. When the planet started to fall apart, Hex went to try and find an escape craft to get the visitors off world. The craft he found fell into a hole, so he tried to get the visitors to higher ground. He convinced his shadow self along with Shadow Ace to find The Doctor to help him. Upon leaving the planet, the TARDIS went haywire trying to avoid something in the vortex making him feel sick, (Shadow Planet) which was it avoiding the planet Nirvana. They nevertheless landed on the planet and explored. Hex decided to stay by the sea when Ace and the Doctor went mountaineering. He spent his time contemplating his feelings for Ace. He heard voices on the planet. When a storm happened Ace went to find him, and the TARDIS dematerialised, leaving them both stranded on the planet. They spent their time locating food and shelter to survive whilst waiting for The Doctor. One night, when they slept on the frozen ocean, Hex discovered a set of sea creatures trying to hunt them. This was when The Doctor managed to get back to them. Hex was angry when he learnt that The Doctor hadn’t landed on the planet because he hadn’t wanted to kill it. (World Apart)

The Doctor put Hex and Ace in charge of looking after his amnesiac self in the Celestial Toyroom with the aim of defeating the Toymaker. This was a task that Hex did not enjoy as The Doctor reminded him of the people who would show up at A&E with all of their things in plastic bags. They were ultimately unsuccessful as The Doctor worked out what was going on. (The Magic Mousetrap)


Over time, Hex began to feel that he might not be suited to the life of a TARDIS traveller. This feeling was intensified by his experiences on the planet Bliss during The Dalek war. The many deaths that he witnessed performed by the Daleks and the larval Kiseibya deeply affected him. (Enemy of the Daleks) To help Hex heal from these emotional wounds, The Doctor took him to Scutari in September 1854 to meet his heroine, Florence Nightingale, whom he assisted for some time. He ended up being shot in the chest with a musket by Brigadier-General Bartholomew Kitchen, after which The Doctor and Ace rushed him into the TARDIS sickbay as he approached death. (The Angel of Scutari)

The Doctor took him to St Gart’s in 2025 where he operated on Hex. Soon after, Hex was taken to the Forge to recover, where he met William Abberton. He learnt that Mathias had been contaminated and joined The Doctor and Ace in stopping the contagion from spreading, having miraculously recovered (Project: Destiny) thanks to Weyland who decided to make Hex his tool to defeat Fenric. (Gods and Monsters) Abberton told Hex of his mother’s fate and that The Doctor had kept it from him. He also learnt that Abberton had kept his mother’s ashes. Hex resurrected her with his blood but was attacked by her before her second death. Upset and angry with The Doctor and Ace, he decided to walk away from his life in the TARDIS. (Project: Destiny)

Whilst trying to think through what he had learnt, he met a regenerated Nobody No-One. Nobody told Hex that The Doctor was going to die, an event that Hex witnessed. He and Ace went with an older Doctor into the TARDIS, with Hex being dropped off on Pelachan where he met Evelyn Rossiter, who explained the Sixth Doctor’s involvement in Cassie’s death. He worked at the local infirmary and attempted to revive Evelyn after her fatal heart attack. He decided to rejoin the TARDIS crew after The Doctor was restored by Ace. (A Death in the Family)


The time travellers subsequently journeyed to Alaska in 1934 to look into a mysterious rock formation that was not there four years earlier. During the adventure, the TARDIS was apparently destroyed but was restored, albeit as a white police box. (Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge) Whilst The Doctor travelled in the black TARDIS, (Black and White) he sent Hex and Ace, without their knowledge, to the prison he had made for Albert and Peggy. The two failed to keep them imprisoned but eventually managed to escape themselves, after Hex suffered a bout of blindness and the two almost lost their sense of selves. The black TARDIS then arrived to retrieve them. (Protect and Survive)

When they entered the Black TARDIS, they discovered Sally Morgan and Lysandra Aristedes already there, and realised that The Doctor was travelling in both TARDISes simultaneously. Hex, Ace, Sally and Lysandra then arrived in 5th century Denmark, where they met Beowulf and faced Garundel. They discovered that The Doctor had been there before being kidnapped by an unknown enemy. After following The Doctor’s clues and instructions, they retrieved an artefact called Weyland’s shield and restored the TARDIS before setting out to rescue The Doctor. (Black and White)

The TARDIS crew located The Doctor in a pocket universe, which was under the control of Fenric. After releasing The Doctor, it was revealed that Fenric was playing a game against Weyland for control of Weyland’s shield, which could grant omnipotence to an Elder God. Hex learnt that he was Weyland’s secret weapon, invisible to Fenric and the Haemovores, and that Weyland had been the one to heal him after Scutari. Hex banished Weyland to end the game and, after being possessed by Fenric, sacrificed himself by throwing himself out of the TARDIS into the Time Vortex.

Hex, Weyland and Fenric survived in the realm of the Elder Gods. (Gods and Monsters) Hex played games with them and won enough chips to trade with Koloon for a year of life on Earth. (Afterlife)


Hex was restored to life without knowing the truth of who he was, having had his true memories stored away (Afterlife) in his St Christopher. (Signs and Wonders) He believed himself to be named Hector Thomas and set himself up as a gangster in 2020s Liverpool, owning a number of nightclubs and restaurants. He grew a moustache and wore suits, unaware that Koloon was watching him as “Lily Finnegan “, who waited to take him back to the realm of the Elder Gods come the New Year.

Hector met Sally Morgan after she broke into his penthouse using her sonic lockpick, but did not respond to being called Hex. On 31 December, he met Ace and initially refused to accept her claims. The two began a sexual relationship and she took him to the TARDIS, moving him forward in time a number of hours after New Year’s and thus invalidating Koloon’s right to take him. Koloon destroyed a bottle which she claimed held Hex’s memories, apparently leaving him as Hector forever, which he was happy with. Ace insisted on having him join her and the Doctor in the TARDIS in the hopes of somehow restoring him. (Afterlife)

Due to his missing psyche, Hector was susceptible to psychic attack and was infected with the Nucleus of the Swarm, which attempted to use him to affect the Swarm’s history. The Doctor gave him a blood transfusion which removed the infection, allowing him to use Hector’s antibodies to create an anti-virus. (Revenge of the Swarm) Upon arriving in Athens in 421 BC, Hector immediately had a sword held to his neck by Aristophanes. He attempted to pass himself off as the god Dionysus to stop the victims of plague from being killed, using an alien mask that sometimes went against his own nature. He decided that travelling in the TARDIS was not for him and demanded to be taken home. (Mask of Tragedy)

In 2020s Liverpool, Ace attempted to jog Hector’s memory by taking him to 53 Gerard Street and trying to make him mourn Hilda, which was unsuccessful. They discovered from Ginny Greenteeth that Hex’s memories were actually preserved inside his figure of St Christopher, which they used to restore Hex, ending Hector’s existence. (Signs and Wonders)
Later life

Hex decided that it was time to settle back down and chose not to rejoin The Doctor and Ace. He remained in 2020s Liverpool and entered into a romantic relationship with Sally Morgan, (Afterlife) with whom he had connected over their similar histories (Black and White) and who had cared for his grandmother before she died. (Afterlife) The two had a daughter named Cassandra, after his mother.

The Doctor and Ace visited Hex in the 2040s, fifteen years after his departure. At this point, Hex and Sally were not married and Sally was pregnant with their second child. He thanked The Doctor and Ace for the most exciting time of his life but he was happy with his new family and declined theirofferof one last trip. (Signs and Wonders)


The Twelfth Doctor saw Hex, among other companions, when Bernice Summerfield was hit by temporal energy in the Pyramid Eternia. (Big Bang Generation)


Hex was attractive (Casualties of War) and was described as “chunky” and having “quite the physique” by the Celestial Toymaker and Iris Wildthyme respectively. (The Magic Mousetrap, Muse of Fire) Ace teased him for his youthful looks, joking that he did not look old enough to drink alcohol. (Enemy of the Daleks) He had a scar above his eyebrow.

After losing his memory, Hector grew a moustache. As a club owner, he began wearing suits, although Ace did not think much of his sense of fashion. (Afterlife) In the 2040s, Hex had greying hair and was balding and had put on weight. (Signs and Wonders)


Hex once described himself as “the one that says ‘oh my God’ a lot”. He believed that his line of work meant that he had a bad sense of humour due to his need to laugh in the face of adversity (Dreamtime) and, as a paramedic, he treated every call-out as an emergency, accepting that people would die but making sure it would never be for lack of his own effort. (LIVE 34)

Whilst The Doctor and Ace were somewhat desensitised, Hex found himself struggling with being unable to do anything about historical travesties, questioning whetheror not he was right for TARDIS travel. (The Settling) Whilst generally gentle, Hex was enraged upon learning of the Doctor’s knowledge of his mother’s death. (Project: Destiny)

Although he was raised Catholic, (Afterlife) he was not religious. (The Settling)

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